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need help asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

[英文] 中文翻英文 (很急拜託!!)

第一種方式是電影中有gay or lesbian的角色,譬如monsters and victims,1960年代晚期和1970年代早期出現的怪物大多是吸血鬼,這些怪物都有明顯的同性戀傾向,吸血鬼吸食人類的血液後,將人類變成吸血鬼,這種行為具有傳染性,像是瘟疫一般,將正常的人類變化成不正常的怪物,反映了當時社會對同性戀的看法,認為同性戀是不正常的。

第二種方式電影的編劇或導演是gay or lesbian,電影內容不一定影射同性戀情節,但由於製作者是同性戀,因此可能灌輸了部分同性戀者的特性(infuse some sort of gay sensibility into their films),同性戀演員詮釋角色的過程中,也可能表現出某種homosexual air。

第三種方式是電影內容影射homosexuality,在film noir , actiom film中最常見,電影內容影射同性戀行為並不代表社會大眾接受了同性戀者,反而是異性戀者利用這樣的情節來娛樂大眾。

第四種方式是觀眾是gay or lesbian,因此在觀影過程中,將自我認同投射在電影中,重新詮釋電影情節,發現電影文本中所具有的queerness,拓展了電影文本的多元性。






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    The first is the film in the role of gay or lesbian, for example, monsters and victims, 1960 in the late 1970s and early monster most of the vampires, these monsters are obvious homosexual tendencies, abuse of human vampire blood, human A vampire, the act is contagious, such as the plague in general, will change into a normal human monster is not normal, reflecting the time of the homosexual community's view that homosexuality is not normal.

    The second film script or the director is gay or lesbian, movie content does not necessarily insinuate homosexual plot, but because production is homosexual, homosexuals may instill some of the characteristics (infuse some sort of gay sensibility into their films) , Homosexual actor role in the process of interpretation, may also show some homosexual air.

    The third way is the film content insinuate homosexuality, in film noir, actiom film in the most common, the film content insinuate homosexual acts do not represent the community accepted the homosexuals, but heterosexual use of such a plot to entertain the public.

    The fourth way is the audience is gay or lesbian, so the viewing process, the project will be self-identity in a film, re-interpretation of the film plot, discovered by a film version of the queerness, develop the film version of pluralism.

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