my parents want me to work for them after college but i always told myself i wouldn't EVER do that?

they want me to market and advertise on like amazon and ebay and basically do computer work and stuff endorsing what they're selling in a store they own. they say that i should work for them because it'll be hard to find a job after college on my own and i wont make too much money and wont have a good life and will just be stressing myself out too much.....i really really REALLY want to be a nutritionist or a clinical psychologist but they dont want me to because they want me to just work for them...i honeslty think that's so boring and really not something im interested in at all but i totally understand what they're saying as far as money and looking for a job. i think i spent so much ******* time though on research and stuff about nutrition. i pretty much wasted all that time then if i have to follow what they say. im taking ap psycholgy and things indirectly and directly related to nutriton in school becasue i've always wanted to do that.


so what should i do? i know some people say that you shouldn't listen to other people and just do what u want to do because if you're not intersted in what you do and if you dont like ur job u wont do it well even though u make a lot of money. i agree with that in a way but i think money is important too and you have to be practical but at the same's been my dream for years to become a nutritonist and help people out who need it. i wanted to do something different and intersting and this is the most interesting thing to me. but i think the fact that they said it's gonna be hard to get a job and stuff kinda makes me want to change my mind...because i do want to make a decent amount of money but i mean i'll be fine if im getting by and if i have the career i've always wanted..ahh what should i do??

Update 2:

they wont be happy. they think im gonan stress myself out too much because im already ******* stressed with school and its gonna take many years for me to become a nutritionist. but i dont care!!!!!! i really want to do it but at times i think when i think like that, im being very immature and in the long run ill change my mind and go work for them anyways...but i really really REALLY dont think i will.......... I DONT KNOW:'(

Update 3:

um..i did ask something "what should i do?" thank you!!!

Update 4:

they say "why should you go work for someone else and help them make money when we're gonna have to hire people ourselves to work for us?" and i'm honestly honestly not interested in that stuff and i knew that and told them that years ago and said i would never work for them because im just plain not interested in their business and i do not want to do that because i want to make a difference in this world not do what they do. i actually wouldnt mind at all living off my parents. what they're telling me to do sounds great in one aspect of it because it really IS the easy way out but i really really dont want to do that...

and my parents will still pay for me if i decide in the end that i want to be a nutritionist. they're not that horrible, thankfully.

Update 5:

actually its both; my parents dont trust me and they really do love me and want whats best for me.

Update 6:

i have explored that field. i dont mind working in a hospital. as long as i get to advise people about nutriton or talk about it ir anytying related to that im more than happy. and i did actually tell them that i'd go to college and get my phd in nutrition or sometihng and still work for them but they said that they didnt think i could do that because i'd be really stressecd out in college and i; dhave too much work to do and stuff. and plus if i work for them im gonna have to get my MBA so that'll add years.

Update 7:

aww man I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! thank you so much for your help!!! i really appreciate it. i'd love to hear any more opinions.

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    Not to be rude but have you checked the want ads lately? Where I live there are a ton of jobs available in the fields you like. If you get good grades you should be able to pick and chose where and what you want to do.

    I do not expect my 4 children to come work for me after college and I want them to be happy doing what they enjoy.

    Sounds like your parents don't want to let you grow up, be brave yes it can be difficult but you will feel better for doing it your way.

    Source(s): Small business owner and Proud father of 3 college kids and 1 more to follow.
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  • ooooo
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    1 decade ago

    I agree that it sounds more like they're looking for cheap labor and trying to keep you home than actually looking out for your future. They might also be struggling to cope with you going away to college, and clinging to the idea of you working with them afterward to avoid seeing it as a permanent change. They'll get over it eventually, I'm sure, but it's still a delicate situation.

    Just assure them that you'll keep it in mind as a backup/temporary job (not a bad thing to have) if you can't find a job immediately out of college or if you need summer work while in college, but that you're set on this other career in the long run. I think it's important to show them that you respect what they do and you're not doing it to be difficult or to break ties with them--it's just that you have a passion that's just as important to you as their business is to them, and you'll be miserable if you don't go for it. They should understand this already, but sometimes parents can be irrational and take it personally when you don't want what they want for you.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    A lot of people feel the same as you do. They usually don't want to work for their parents (or take over their business) for 2 reasons:

    1. they do not like it, and

    2. they do not want to "live off" their parents.

    Which category do you fall into? Do you really dislike doing that stuff, or are you just saying "no" for the sake of saying "no"? It's important to find out what you really want in life. Working for the family isn't bad, but it WILL be bad if it limits your future.

    If you think you can do it on your own, then explain that to your parents. Explain to them that you do not want to take the easy way out.

    My parents own a part of a corporation, and they want me to take a managerial position after schooling. I am fine with that, because that's the area I wish to work in, too. However, I am still going to college and I want to get a MBA from Harvard before taking up a position in the company.

    Follow your own dream :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    you didn't really ask anything, just more or less ranted, but here is my advice.

    You have to do what interests you. I'm sure you've read in AP psych that happy workers are more productive. If you don't go to college for what you parents what you to they may not pay for you (which would be a dick move on their part), but you have to find something that interests you. I think they are just trying to save money if they could just get you to work for them instead of having to bring someone else in. Finding a job after college can be challenging, but most colleges have people that help you get jobs and if you get good enough grades you will get a job.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It sounds like your parents are jerks. This is YOUR life. Do what YOU want to do. You're going to be miserable as hell working for your parents! You're going to be happy as a nutritionist, whether you're making less money than you would be working for your parents or not. If they're just going to put you down, then they aren't good parents to begin with. Tell them that it's your life, and keep reinforcing that fact. Yes, working for ebay or whatever would bore you to tears.

    Then, laugh in their faces when you're successful in life, and having fun with your job because you enjoy it!

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  • 2n2222
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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like your parents want (a) to maintain control and (b) to have an exceedingly inexpensive employee who understands computers.

    The fact that they're discouraging you from going out on your own tells me that you _must_ get out, and as soon as you possibly can, and stay out. Join the military, if you have to, but get out of there. Good parents don't tell their kids that they're incapable of living independently. They're using you.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do what you want to do!

    Your parents can hire someone else to do the work they need done.

    I really, really, really hope you end up listening to your heart. Nutritionist would be a really great job!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why does it have to be all or nothing?

    Why can't you compromise? Help your parents out in their business, keep them happy, get their support and go to school to pursue your dream.

    Check out the field of nutrition before you go down that road. I have a couple of friends in the field who are totally frustrated because they are not interested in working in a hospital setting. There's little opportunity otherwise, according to them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay... Life is NOT easy. Finding a job in this economy sucks right now, too. At least you have a job, literally handed to you, and you have a way to pay your way thru college.

    Sounds to me like your folks really love you and it sounds like you're a good kid. Either that, or your parents REALLY don't trust you or they're overprotective.

    You tell us. You're the one there.

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