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rusting steak knives?

everytime i put the steak knives thru the dishwasher they come out with spots of rust, what can i do?

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    Care for Steak Knives


    Keep the knife as clean as possible. Clean out any food remains caught in the blade of the knife as soon as you finish using it.


    Hand wash steak knives whenever possible. These knives are often dishwasher safe, but extended periods of time sitting in water or in moist environments can leave open the possibility of rusting.


    Check often for trouble spots. These are small reddish brown markings which are the early stages of rusting.


    Store your steak knives when you aren't using them. The best places are either a cutlery drawer or a knife block. Keeping your steak knives stored reduces the chances of them getting wet, dirty or damaged.



    The steak knife is similar in size and shape to the butter knife. The biggest difference between the two is the serration along the steak knife's blade, which is absent in the butter knife.

    People also commonly refer to steak knives as kitchen knives.

    Never use knife oil on a steak knife. You should only use knife oil when cleaning utility knives. Never use oil on a knife you eat with.

  • hohn
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    4 years ago

    from my own experince, I had a knive that I in no way used suited so it rusted and that i left it to keep rusting for years. finally in some unspecified time sooner or later I were given a pumice stone and took each of the rust off by technique of gently rubbing it with it. Then I sharpened it with an Arkansas stone, it became out to be between the suitable knives.

  • Mary P
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    1 decade ago

    Sorry to say once steak knifes rust over it's time for new ones.

  • Boggy
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    1 decade ago

    Try cleaning them with a Magic Sponge to remove rust marks.

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    dont wash them in the dishwasher

    hand wash them with a mild soap, and dry them thoroughly. then wipe with vegetable, or olive oil, and buff it into the metal.

    they will stay rustless

    to get out the rust, gently polish with some FINE grit sandpaper. once the rust spots are removed, then wash, and buff with oil. my favorite is food grade lindseed oil.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buy new ones with a better quality of stainless steel. The salt in your dishwasher is reacting with the ferrous metal in the inferior quality stainless steel in your old knives.

  • Anonymous
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    A ietem like that has to be kept clean so buy new ones. would you really wana eat rust?

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    You should either handwash them or toss them and get some that are better quality.

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    Buy new ones then wash by hand.

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    clean em w/ steel wool

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