Tranfering Colleges?

I got into Syracuse University with my 26 ACT, 3.75 gpa, top 25% of my class, and volunteer/extracurriculars like teaching at sunday school, math team,chess club, science olympiad, future business leaders of america, band, taking spanish and ap calc. I was wondering if i applied to transfer to the University of Virginia could I get in?

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    ^ From that link...

    What is the offer rate for transfers? 35-40%

    What is the average gpa for an admitted transfer student? 3.5

    Two huge factors that you completely disregarded were (A) your state residency and (B) your intended major. By law, UVA can't admit more than 33% from out-of-state for freshmen applicants and transfer applicants, so getting in from out-of-state is much harder than in-state. Also, some Schools at UVA are much harder to get into than others. School of Commerce is much harder to get into than the College of Arts and Sciences. Transfer acceptance rate for CAS is around 40%, meanwhile Commerce is close to 20%.

    Also, getting in as a Sophomore transfer applicant is going to be harder for you with your high school stats than if you were to apply as a Junior transfer. UVA will consider your poor (by UVa standards) high school work if you were to apply as a Sophomore transfer. If you apply as a Junior, UVA won't consider your high school work, and instead, will focus almost entirely on your college work.

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    My understanding is that since the University of Virginia is a "public Ivy", you would probably have to do better, especially with the SAT, than that. Perhaps if you had outstanding grades at Syracuse for a year or two you could transfer.

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    About 40% get in as transfer studnets so I would say its deifntely worth a shot.



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    I'm sure you could, but why? Syracuse has a much better name going for it.

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    I'd say yeah...

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