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softball or baseball...which is harder??

My best friend and i (he plays baseball) argue litterally everyday over this topic lol ...pointless i know but its hilarious to get him worked up about it lol ...anyway i just wanted some outside opinions???


in reaction time a 60 mph softball pitch from 43ft is equivalent to a 90 mph baseball pitch...

Update 2:

uhh idk where that guy got his info from but softball pitchers throw more than just fastballs...a baseball pitchers throws only on a downward plan where as softball pitchers can throw a rise or drop along with a cruve, screw, change, and knuckle...

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    In softball, you have less reaction time, and most professional baseball players offensively would strike out at a softball pitcher like Jenny Finch. Jeter has openly said that he would not want to bat against Finch so he would not be imbarrased.

    Arguably, in the field, baseball can have harder times than softball. Baseballs travel much farther and harder than softballs (baseballs are solid, softballs are not). In the infield, fielding a ground ball for baseball would be much harder than softball simply because the ball is not traveling as fast. In the outfield, softballs tend to "float", and are not as easily hit out of the park. Pro outfielders also have a MUCH larger field to cover than any softball player.

    Pitching wise, speed is comparable only because softball is played on a smaller field. A regular 90mph fastball in the pros is equivalent to about a 75mph softball fastball. Also in baseball, pitchers have more pitches that they can throw easier than a softball, like a four seam fastball, two seam fastball, curveball, slider, sinker, change-up, and knuckle ball are the most common pitches. I'm not aware of more than 2-3 pitches in softball.

    Source(s): Years of playing baseball
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    In baseball they throw the ball a lot harder and its a lot harder to hit, they have more pitches to throw, and outfield and infield the ball for baseball is a lot faster on the ground in air and the bases or 90 feet when softball is like 45 and the fence is like 170 and baseball is 430 and its obvious that softball is a lot easier than baseball

    Source(s): MLB and Dike league
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    softball all the way for a few reasons...

    1. the reaction time for the pitching is much quicker than baseball

    2. Did anyone see Jennie finch strike out all those major league baseball players with her 70mph riseball...enough said...

    3.the field is much smaller which means you have to be quicker...less time to bobble the ball softball there is no grass in the infield to slow the ball down..but pretty much 100% of the time there are lil rocks that make grounders take horrible hops

    5.standing less than 40ft away from the batter with one of the composit 101mph+ bats that most softball players used today is almost a death wish...

    6.yeah the ball is bigger but a softball doesnt travel as far as a baseball does which mean you have to do more work to hit a softball out of the infield pitchers can only pitch a certain amount of innings a week...PANZEYS!..when i was 8 i was pitching in sometimes 3 games a day maybe 7 or 8 a weekend

    8. a baseball pitcher is always throwing on a downward softball the pitch comes striaght allowing it to rise or drop...or curve or screw or knuckle or change

    9. "In fast-pitch softball, you have to swing four or five inches above the ball or four or five inches below the ball. If you swing at the ball, you'll strike out every time."-Eddie Feigner—the star of the famous barnstorming team The King and His Court

    10. if you can throw overhand you can pitch in a baseball game...go try to pick up a softball and pitch it windmill style it takes years to perfect...most of my guy friends who try to pitch like a softball pitcher usually just look uncordinated in the first place but also chuck the ball way over their own head...

    11. when was the last time you hear the word STERIODS in softball..hmmm that would be never!!!..softball players actually work hard to be good

    im sure i could think of 100s of reasons softball is harder than baseball but i dont have time for this anymore

    this video pretty much sums it up...

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): i totally agree the guy above me is a complete idiot...softball pitchers can throw more junk pitches that baseball pitchers can...just fastball what a dumba$$...
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    I honestly couldn't be sure, but don't be suprised if a 75 mph softball is harder to hit than a 95 mph baseball. Baseball you obviously have more ground to cover on defense. Those are two things that might make one harder than the other or visa versa, i'm sure there are more, but none i can think of.

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    I'd say softball. The pitches might be slower, but hitters have I believe the same time to react due to the shorter distance from the pitcher's circle to the plate.

    The ball's bigger, which may sound easier, but it's actually harder to square up and make really good contact, it's easier to pop up or top a softball.

    Dirt infield as opposed to grass, making ground balls faster.

    These are a few things.

    Honestly, if you were to debate it enough, you'd probably find that they're about equally tough.

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    yeah it's a tough call of course. they have men's fastpitch leagues and guys pump upper 70s. talk about hard to hit!

    the big difference between the two other than the field and ball is the swing. take notice of a softball swing compared to a baseball swing. A-Rod's load is twice that of any softball player because it's a totally different timing. I've seen softball teams also get a speedster to attempt to switch hit and to try to slap the ball instead of driving it like any baseball player would do.

    (PS A rise ball is literally not possible by the rules of physics. It is simply a result of a low release point.)

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    I would definitely say softball because 1 the ball is bigger and heavier so takes more power to hit and throw, where baseballs are easily lighter. 2.You can t say baseball makes more money than softball because we don t have a major league, and they don t respect ladies as much. So don t say anything about that baseball beats softball BY FAR.

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    MLB players make an avg of 3.3 million for a reason...i have played independant baseball for 17 yrs and i wouldnt strike out in 500 atbats vs a softball pitcher its all about hand eye cordination...go to a batting cage try to hit a 70 MPH softball ,add a rise ball ,a change up...then go to a 95 MPH hardball then a curve or change up...i BET 99% of softball players men/woman couldnt see a 95 MPH fastball......let alone try to hit it...the best way to put it is ive seen people catch 65 MPH softballs bare handed at Michigan camps...try catching a 90+ fastball barehanded...

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    Pitching I would have to say Softball, with the whole winding and then releasing the ball. It is harder for hitters to know when the pitch has left the pitchers hand.

    Fielding and hitting - Baseball, it is more harder to field and hit a ball in baseball since the pitches are faster and the balls are smaller than those from softball.

    Overall, I would have to say Baseball, due to the different types of pitches, that cause the batters to be alert all the time and keep guessing which pitch you'll see next. In softball, you'll only see fastballs, which is easier if you just time the ball.

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    I think softball, because the ball is bigger and heavier, I mean its easier to hit, but it takes more strength to hit it. I hit harder and better playing baseball than softball.

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