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Who were the Young Lords and what was the main purpose of their existance ?

(in history ofPuerto Rico)

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    The Young Lords, later Young Lords Organization and in New York (notably Spanish Harlem), Young Lords Party, was a Puerto Rican nationalist group in several United States cities, notably New York City and Chicago.

    The Young Lords began as a Chicago turf gang in the 1960s in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. When they realized that urban renewal was evicting their families and saw police abuses, they also became involved in the Division Street Riots in June 1966.

    While incarcerated, the President and one of 7 founding gang members, Jose ("Cha-Cha") Jimenez began to read everything from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X to Lenin and Mao. In September 1968, Jimenez reorganized the now defunct gang into a political human rights movement. Jimenez was then approached by Illinois Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton, who was still officially underground organizing and founding the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party. The meeting took place in January 1969, right after the Young Lords took over the Chicago Avenue Police Station's Workshop Meeting.

    Soon after, the Young Lords were restructured into ministries in an attempt to build better organization and a Puerto Rican equivalent of the Black Panthers.It became known as the Young Lords Organization (YLO).Later in July,1969,the New York regional chapter was founded.It became independent from the national headquarters in Chicago,after only months and became known as the Young Lords Party.The Young Lords Party in New York,a few months later under Gloria Gonzalez,became known as the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Party.

    On June 7, 1969, the Black Panther newspaper announced an alliance in Chicago called the Rainbow Coalition (no relation to the later organization of that name associated with Jesse Jackson).

    Besides the Black Panthers, and what was then the Young Lords Organization, the alliance also included the Young Patriots Organization, an organization of poor white youths that had turned political. The Coalition sent representatives to the annual convention of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which was then spliting apart as a national student organization. After asking for permission from national headquarters in Chicago, the New York chapter of the Young Lords Organization was officially founded on July 26, 1969. Founding members included Juan Gonzalez (as of 2006, a New York Daily News columnist), Felipe Luciano (now a TV news reporter, poet, and radio personality), Denise Oliver-Velez, "Fi" Ortiz, David Perez, Pablo (Yoruba) Guzman and Iris Morales. Felipe Luciano served as the organization's first chair.

    The Young Lords movement focused most of their activity around self-determination for Puerto Rico and local community issues such as gentrification, health, and police injustice. Gentrification became a primary focus early in Chicago, due to Mayor Daley's ruthless patronage machine evicting the entire Puerto Rican community of that city from the downtown and lakefront areas. The Young Lords People's movement also used direct action, political education, and "survival programs" to bring their concerns to mainstream public attention.

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    The Young Lords

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