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Grand Theft Auto IV In-Game Question!!?


plz answer this questions about the game i need fricking help!

when do the bridges to go in to liberty island open?What part of the game?

Is therer nayway that i can cross the bridges without getitng caught?


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    The bridges wont open, until you pass certain amount of missions. I'm about 25% of the way through, and I have now unlocked all the boroughs except the one on the very left.....

    You can get there, by using cheat codes and getting a helicopter or boat. You can cross into those parts of the city without using the bridge. But if you use a cheat code, it will be noted on your "stat" sheet. have fun

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    Keep playing the game, and then when you get far enough they will open. Just like the other GTA games. When you pass through the bridge there is usually a toll booth that you have to stop and pay at before you enter the next part of the city. Pay before you pass, otherwise the cops will chase after you.

  • you have to get to a certain point in the missions

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