Whats up with NBC that they don't catch her on video coming up lame?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Eight Belles, trained by Larry Jones and ridden by Gabriel Saez, collapsed just *after* the finish of the Derby; and she was humanely destroyed on the track after veterinarians found that she had broken both front legs.

    I suspect that NBC has tape of Eight Belles pulling up injured after the end of the race. She didn't go down immediately, but collapsed shortly after the finish. She was euthanized within minutes after the finish of the Derby.

    IF the tape graphically showed her breaking both front legs, I believe that NBC had the good sense not to show such a morbid, tragic event.

    IF the tape showed her collapsed in agony on the track with veterinarians surrounding her, I admire NBC's restraint.

    Did you want to watch her being euthanized?

    In any case, I salute NBC for not pandering to what seems to be an unfortunate appetite for the gruesome, ghastly details of the death of a noble animal.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know. I kept watching the reruns of the race so I know she didn't come up lame during the race. It is too sad that they had to put her down. I kept telling my husband what beautiful colts she would have and then she was dead. Just too sad.

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