Help please!!! need help with English-Hebrew translation?!?

I wonder if anyone can help me,please? I'm getting a tatto done i want to have it in english hebrew language. it's gonna be: ANGELS IN MY LIFE - i want to have the word ANGELS in english and then 'IN MY LIFE' in hebrew - I really need help to translate that('in my life') in hebrew.Anyone pleeeeaaaase?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In Hebrew, 'In My Life' is all one word, ''בחיי"

    If you want it longer, you can also say "בחיים שלי"

    So you will out either 'Angels בחיי' or ' Angels בחיים שלי'

    Good luck with the tattoo :)

    Source(s): Born in Israel.
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    1 decade ago

    ANGELS= malchim = "מלאכים"

    IN= bi = "ב"


    MY= shelly = "שלי"


    LIFE= chayim= "חיים"

    but in hebrew they take alot of words and squish them together so to say In My Life properly, it would be "בחיי"

    ANGELS IN MY LIFE= מלאכים בחיי

    but there are more modern looking Hebrew handwritings so i'm sure you could find a way cooler way to write it (this was like Times New Roman just in hebrew). good luck! hope that helped

    Source(s): im jewish, i speak hebrew and have taken hebrew classes since i can remember, and i go to jewish private high school
  • 3 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    "in my life" is בחיי ("Béchayai").

    Bé- in

    Chayim - life

    Chayai - my life

    If you want "Angels in my life" it would be מלאכים בחיי.

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