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Do you think President Bush will ever find that "magic wand" that will solve the economic crisis?

In his speech a couple of days ago, he kept mentioning the existence of a magic wand that would solve the economic crisis. Do you think he should check under the rug in the oval office, or behind the elusive weapons of mass destruction.

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    Bush is clueless when it comes to the economy.

    Unfortunately Obama and McCain are also clueless when it comes to the economy.

    The only one who has successful experience with the National Economy is Hillary clinton.

    Unfortunately there would be riots thn the Streets if Barack obama did not get the Democratic Nomination.

    Therefore it appears that it has been decided to give the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama and accept the fact that Barack Obama cannot win the General Election.

    Essentially we have to accept the fact that John McCain will win the General Election and we will have to wait until 2012 to take the Presidency back.

    When Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were in the White House during Bill Clinton's Presidency we had the best economy that we have had in the history of the United States of America.

    When we get Hillary Clinton back in the White House, Hillary Clinton and her team will restore the economy to the great economy that it once was.

    I had hoped that would happen in the 2008 Presidential Election Cycle.

    Now it appears that we will have to wait until 2012.

    Source(s): My experience. Over 40 years of Democratic Politics.
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    If there were a crisis, there might be an answer. Consider this:

    We are still at full employment.

    We still have record home ownership.

    The mortgage "crisis" is turning out to be much smaller than exagerated and anything but a crisis.

    The economists are debating whether we are in a recession are doing it for political reasons because any professional would know that by definition, we are NOT in a recession.

    You are drinking the liberal Kool-aid. We are certainly not in the same booming economy that we had for 5 years (partly due to the Bush tax cuts) but we are still in a growing economy.

    Mike your comments are proof that experience does not always lead to wisdom. Hillary Clinton will NEVER be president, and she is an economic fool. Her policies are almost identical to the lunacy of Obama.

    Anna...funny, he has been screaming for economic stimulus from Congress and getting NOTHING from the dems who do not want to turn the economy back around until AFTER the election.

    Opal...I knew someone would spout off BS.

    1. Full employment is anything of 5% or less. We are at 5%, and have been below 5% for the last 6 years.

    2. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of decline in the GDP. Although the first quarter of this year was at less than 1% growth, IT WAS GROWTH, and that is the smallest growth since GW pulled us out of the recession that Clinton handed him. So, look it up...WE ARE, IN FACT, NOT IN A RECESSION! Perhaps YOU should look it up.

    3. We do have more homeownership. We have more foreclosures, but STILL have more homeownership. And the number of foreclosures is much less than projected. And there are NOT more foreclosures than during the depression. If not for the democrats demanding the looser mortgage requirements, we would not have the crisis anyway.

    4. I find that if American companies produce quality products, they get bought. You cannot blame the US government (either party) for the fact that American companies make lower quality products. And do not blame labor prices, considering that while Detroit has been outsourcing, Honda has been building auto plants in America. And guess what...Honda is having record profits, while Ford has record losses. Not government's problem here.

    5. If we opened drilling of our own oil, and built refineries, we could eliminate the fact that we are at the mercy of OPEC. But, once again, dems have been blocking good ideas.

    Of course the blinders you are wearing block 100% of logic, facts, and common sense.

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    I doubt if that stupid piece of crap can find his own house key.

    If not for the secret service and his wife, he'd be a locked out hobo.


    Just what the hell are you high on? or did you just emerge from 8 years in a cave?

    Full employment, not by a long shot fella-

    Not in a recession? maybe you had better look up the word in the dictionary, or get someone to explain exactly what a recession is.

    More home owners today that ever, again, a pipe dream only believed by someone totaly brainwashed, as there are more home forclosures than any time in our nations history, including the great depression.

    All any thinking person has to do is look a the labels in any store, clothing, hardware, home improvement, drug stores. shoe stores, and any department store, and try to find an article made in America, then tell me we are not in trouble.

    Then you can get in your Japanese built car and go to the nearest filling station and pay $4.00 a gallon for Arabian oil.

    Yep, tell us again how well things are going in this country and what a great job Bush is doing.

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    Adults, including President Bush, know that no such magic wand exists and only a childish person would ask if such a wand can be found by anyone. Listen instead of mindlessly attacking...

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    It's too late for Bush to fix the economy anyway, even if he did know how to fix it... which he does not. (Bush is only good at *making* messes)

    Don't worry about Bush's missing magic wand. Hillary Clinton has a better one anyway, and she'll bring it with her when she goes back to the white house. (in 2009 or 2013; I would rather see her win now than four years from now.)

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    I'm sure he'll find it January 21, 2009, and not a minute sooner. That man's hidesight is easily 200/20.

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    Well he said that because Democrats keep talking about Economic Stimulus Packages and Republicans believe that the economy has a natural ebb and flow that changes from bad to good and from good to bad regardless of what we do. Both approaches have some legitimacy.

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    Yes... when Republicans take back the senate... isn't it ironic that the economy started plummeting when Democrats took majority in the senate? Hmmmmm...

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    No one can. This economic period will end just as the ones in the past.

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    I'ma magic wand spiritually & politically. But you don't have no power except trust and you would not give it to me because I'm not rich your unrightous gifts. (LOL!)

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