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Who was Johnny Depp in The Outsiders Movie?

He was in the big fight rumble

read "Starring" on the side below the picture

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    "Biography: Johnny Depp is an Academy Award-nominated American actor, known for his affinity for strange character roles. After making his film debut in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street"

    this is from the page flixster

    IMDB has no evidence to support the fact that Johnny Depp was ever in The Outsiders. I also found no mention of a charachter named Kevin. Maybe he was an uncredited "soc". I f so I would love to see the clip he appears in.

    for a full cast list go to:

    Edit: Correction, I did find that he did have a cameo in the runble scene. Mayby his name was Kevin! who knew. my apologies.

    Scroll down to filmography.

    It still needs a citation so while the evidence is still not concrete its probable.

    I would still love to see the scene and see if I can spot him.

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    Well, the only source that I have ever found that said Johnny Depp was in The Outsiders, is Wikipedia, and if you notice on the Wikipedia article for Johnny Depp, a citation is needed. The article for Johnny Depp states that he has a cameo role in the rumble scene, and it was more likely that he was an extra in the rumble, IF he was even in the movie. The Wikipedia article for 'The Outsiders' only lists his name amongst the main characters and Johnny Depp surely did not play a main character, again, IF he was even in the movie. Wikipedia is by far not an official source of information.

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    Johnny Depp played Kevin in the Outsiders.

    Source(s): flixter
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    That's interesting. I was not aware JD was in The Outsiders. doesn't list him in the cast and under his own name the earliest movie they show him in was A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984).

    I learned something today.

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    was he on the good side or bad side

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