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Singing Off Key (please help)?

Alright... I'm in a musical and I have a song I need to sing. The thing is, I always begin in the wrong key when I am on the stage. I can sing in the correct key if another person is singing- I austomatically match them. When the piano is playing, I can't. I know how I'm supposed to sing the song, but it doesn't sound right with the piano and I (always) begin too low.

How can I fix this quickly?


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    First thing.... Don't Panic! When you panic you make mistakes.

    Second thing record the intro and the first few bars 1st time with someone singing it. Second time without.

    Now, you repeat that intro until you can do it in your sleep, kid!

    Eventually, only with repetition, the good version will start to "feel right".

    Break a leg!

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    making a music out of key and stale the beat are the two complicated for us band individuals. often times the band can get well if the singer got here right into a verse too quickly. yet often it throws us into chaos. and often people who sing off key easily have a foul experience of timing. regrettably those certainly everyone isn't musicly proficient in spite of instructions. I easily have perservered in ineffective many situations interior the previous, interior the wish a singer will strengthen to no avail.

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    How long have you been rehearsing? It may just time for you to get this in your head.

    Also.. Is there a previous piece of music, that you could assosiate it with and work out the starting note from there?

    I hope it all goes OK in the performance..

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    I second what's already been said- rehearse like crazy. If that still doesn't do it, maybe you could ask the accompanist to subtly play your starting pitch for you as he/she is playing the intro (specifically). Or, talk with him/her ahead of time (have a rehearsal session) and pick out that starting note- have them play it a couple of times alone, and then have them play it in the intro...see if you can identify that note in it.

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