bad sectors?

my computer shows that it has 32 kb of bad sectors

what are they and HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM. and more importantly what causes them in the first place ( i need to know so that i can avoid doing what ever brought them to my computer)


Thanks everyone. you have been a great help .

I will do both . defragment and run disk check

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  • ABdA
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    1 decade ago
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    If your hard drive is still under warranty you should back-up all important data then return your hard drive for replacement from the original seller.

    What they are: these are sectors or clusters--physical or logical locations--in the hard drive that are not accessible thus they cannot contain data. Many users report that sometimes logical bad sectors are "contagious"--meaning if you have them once, there is a tendency that they could propagate in the long run. Very often, a bad sector or cluster can cause the OS to fail during boot-up.

    The causes of bad sector could be an overclocked PCI bus speeds, malware, extreme heat or moisture, jarred unit, old age (retired units which are refurbished and sold as used, or sometimes even as "new"), or general wear and tear. The most common cause would be extremes of heat or moisture or a mixture of both.

    Sometimes bad sectors could be cured by low-formatting the drive using a DOS-level format disk from the HD manufacturer. Other format procedures--such as reformatting through Windows Explorer, however, only marks the sectors as bad, and thus you can't access them no longer.

    You did not specify the size of your HD or the duration of its usage from installation, but you could attempt CHKDSK /r to recover data from the bad sector.

  • aztut
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    Bad sectors just happen sometimes. Open My Computer and right-click on your hard drive then click Properties. Click Tools tab then click the button that says Check Now, check both boxes and hit Start. It will ask if you want to schedule a Disk Check at next reboot, say yes and reboot. This will find and repair the bad sectors and take a while.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bad sector are caused by bad file writing/reading

    If the error is just cause by write data error do a windows scan disk

    Right click on yr drive Properties, Under tools do a error checking

    check the 2 boxes that are present and reboot yr PC scan disk shld start immediately

    If they are permenent can be erased by first method go to yr harddisk manufacturer website eg seagate, western digital etc

    Download their disk checking utility and run it

    What happen is that the program will find the bad sectors and cancel it out replacing it without backup hidden sectors on yr harddrive so it appears error free

    harddrive contain hidden sectors for this purpose

    Msg me for further assistance make sure i can reply

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can't get rid of them. It's all part of the computer aging process. The computer's defragmenting program should repair the sectors (by repair, I mean tell the computer to ignore those sectors from now on).

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  • yap_jp
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    You can't fix bad sector. It's physical damage because of fall, vibration or may be your HDD already reaches MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure). You can only mark it during HDD scanning or defragment so the system will not use this sector anymore to write anything

  • 1 decade ago

    Something you have done, probably constant copying and deleting.

    To get rid of them use Windows XP's disk error checking.

    Right click on the drive you want to fix.

    Click properties.

    Go to Tools tab

    Click Check now under error checking

    Check off both checkboxes on the pop up box and then start it

  • 1 decade ago

    Bad sectors are like cancer. Once you start seeing them, you can run chkdsk which will mark them bad, but they are likely occuring because your drive is failing. If you have important data, back it up and start looking for a replacement drive. Running chkdsk will fool your OS into thinking that everything is ok for a while, but eventually the cancer will spread, and if it gets some of your important files, then they are gone.

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