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Is there a way to convert mml to umol?

I am looking at the results of a relative's medical test and I'm wondering if there is a way to convert mml to umol? I would understand the meaning better if I could know what it was in umol, so I'm wondering if anyone has a conversion formula?


It does not say. My test result long ago was in mml, and now hers is in umol. My test was done at a different laboratory than hers. I wanted to convert to get an idea of what her elevated ranges are. I do appreciate your help. We will try both ways you suggested and see if the ranges make any sense to us. Thank you.

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    by "mml" do you mean "millimole" or is it a typo and you mean "milliliter" (ml)?

    a "umol" is a "micro mole" (the "u" is the greek letter "mu"). There are 1000 millimoles in a mole and 1000 micromoles (umol) in 1 millimole. Thus, there are 1,000,000 micromoles in one mole.

    So if "mml" is indicating "millimole", then just multiply it by 1000 and that's your answer in micromoles. If it's indicating milliliters, you're going to need to get the molecular weight of the compound to figure the rest out.

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