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Microsoft Word 2003; How do I make a dash? Not a hyphen, a long dash. Dumb, huh?


I'll do the alt thingy since I forgot to buy a map...

Update 2:


I did the alt 0151 thing —

and it changed them ALL - wonderful!

Update 3:

I had -- Word changed them to —

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    You mean ̶

    not -

    copy and paste from the character map (start=>run=>charmap)


    Select the font Times New Roman in word

    Press Alt+0151

    You dont have to change font. Just try doing it in the textbox above (search for qeustions). It works like magic.

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    in word click Insert >symbol you may find something

    in the character code box type in 2212 is a minus sign but is only suitable for upper case

    also in word help type in extended dash and it tells you how to format hyphens

    also Alt + 0151

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    Go to the Character map. Various dashes are pictured. I use "3m dash." Highlight it and click on the cursor's location.

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    Wow! Thanks! I've already learned something today.....This is good. This is very good!

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    Where am I?


    Um....Is it on the part of the keyboard where the #'s are?


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