Futuristic monorail system in albany berkeley el cerrito kensington?

what do people think of a futuristic monorail system that could connect albany berkeley el cerrito and kensington all together,in some portions it could run underground such as solano and then other portions like pacific east mall and arlington streets it could run above ground?

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lines could go up san pablo down to gilman through terrace park, st marys college and then hopkin shopping district, also there could be a line that could go to colusa circle and another line that goes on arlington all the way to moeser and has a stop on ardemore also a stop at colusa circle

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here are the diffrent lines and stations

red line

point richmond(terminus)

pacific east mall


solano/san pablo

solano/santa fe


marin circle



arlington perk(terminus)


albany bulb(terminus)

golden gate fields

research center

jackson/buchannan/uc village

city hall

solano stations same as red line


colusa circle


el cerrito plaza(terminus)

orange line

san pablo/cutting

san pablo/moeser

el cerrito plaza-connection to blue line

san pablo/solano-connection to red and blue lines

city hall-connection to blue line

san pablo/gilman

gilman/santa fe/masonic

terrace park

st mary's college

hopkins st shopping area

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    Well, I would love it because I live in El Cerrito, and my house would fall very close to one of the stops you have mapped out. I love your creativity.

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