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小芭 asked in 娛樂與音樂電視喜劇 · 1 decade ago













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    Put your hand on my shoulder (這是一首經典老歌)

    Put your head down on my shoulder

    A little warmth when it gets colder

    Now I dont know the things that your going through

    But you can put your head down

    On my shoulder

    Where the storm is it blows ova

    I know your there for me too

    No i'll be there for you

    Your waiting for a change

    Your waiting for the day

    When all that you remember is with you once again

    Theres a long road ahead

    Stretches out for miles

    And if u want some company

    Walk with me a while

    Ohh and when the road gets too rough

    2008-05-04 12:52:44 補充:

    sorry...更正資料如下: @@"

    Paul Anka(保羅安卡) - [收錄在The Very Best Of Paul Anka]



    歌名: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

    2008-05-04 12:53:56 補充:

    歌詞: (由於補充內容有字數限制, 分兩次給)

    Woo~ Woo.....

    Put your head on my shoulder

    Hold me in your arms, baby

    Squeeze me oh so tight

    Show me that you love me too

    Put your lips next to mine, dear

    Won't you kiss me once, baby

    Just a kiss goodnight

    May be you and I will fall in love

    2008-05-04 12:55:34 補充:

    People say that love's a game

    A game you just can't win

    If there's a way

    I'll find it some day

    And then this fool with rush in

    *Put your head on my shoulder

    Whisper in my ear, baby

    Words I want to hear / baby

    Tell me, tell me that you love me too. / Put your head on my shoulder

    Source(s): me & internet
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