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I am so sad can someone tell me a joke?

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    there once was a family with an aging grandmother. she was getting difficult to take care of, so one day her family took her to a nursing home.

    when the family got there, they let the little old woman look around for awhile. then, they sat her down in a chair to look on the window. they would come see how she was doing the next day.

    the family leaves. after a few minutes, the old lady begins to lean to her side. a nurse then rushes in and puts her back more onto her chair. a few minutes pass,the old lady begins to lean again and the nurse comes and puts her back in place. this happens multiple times for the rest of the night.

    the family comes back the next day and asks her how she likes the nursing home. she replies "oh, it's alright. but they wont let you fart."


    im sorry youre upset. take a nap. you'll feel better then. relieves some stress. and try keeping urself busy with hobbies. if ur not all that artistic, visit michaels and buy some paint and beads and whatever else pops out at you. then go home and just be crazy with it. let it all out on the paper. this will be a fun challenge for you.

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  • John S
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    1 decade ago

    HEy you need to become happy and enjouy the day and not worry about anything or IM me anytime and we can chat

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  • 1 decade ago

    knock knock

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