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Martial arts practice - sore knees - Any suggestion?.?

A lot of martial arts stances are pretty low. It makes the ligaments/tendons/muscles above my kneecaps really sore.

Are there anyway to recover faster?

PS: I tried seated leg curls, which works the hamstrings, and it does make the soreness go away, but I'm wondering if this is good for my knees in the long run.

Thanks for the answers


oops sorry,

seated leg curls work the quads.

But i'm wondering if working the quads further when the knees are sore is actually gonna damage it more.

Update 2:

Thanks for your correction Reader.

Yes, seated leg extension works the quads.

Great sets of answers guys.

Supplements (I'm not a supplements kinda guy), lose weight (but I'm only 70kg), strengthening the muscles around the knees (thanks for the confirmation), warming up the joints... skipping ropes (hmm... now I understand why my senior skips ropes), Low inpact exercise (great idea), lunges (I always thought that's just to initially build up the strength, not to warm up..., now I have to get back to the basics).

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    Correction seated leg EXTENSION works the quads. Seated leg curls work the hamstrings. There are a couple of good suggestions here already. A good quality glucosamine/condroytin/msm supplement will greatly help with the knee pain, but it will take a few weeks to build up in your system before you notice the pain to alleviate. Also if you are over weight the excess weight will cause pain because of load stress placed on your joints. IF that is the case then you need to drop a few pounds. Also consider doing a balanced leg strength routine. Like squats leg extensions, leg curls, calfs, lunges with a good stretch routine to keep your flexibility. Start light at first, build up gradually. Also beware of over doing it. start with once a week and see how it works with MA training. If you the pain continues then consider seeing a doctor to find out if there maybe underlying problems your not aware of. Also don't negelect to properly warm up before you start. Lightly raise your core temperture before your workout, things like jogging in place, jump rope are good ways to do it. You want to heat up your joints a bit to help lossen up.

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    I ripped the tendons off both my kneecaps a few years ago (they still haven't healed) but I take MSM every day, which helps a lot. Check with your doctor and see if it might help you. It is a simple supplement, I haven't noticed any side effects. Also, an ice pack works wonders.

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    Quad exercises help. Being overweight could be the reason for the soreness. (I don't know if you are overweight) Drinking alcohol or smoking can also cause a lot of soreness whether it's before or after you work out.

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    Yeah you have the right idea, training your leg muscles more to better support your joints/tendons etc.

    Building your thigh and calf muscles will support and increase your knees 'usability' over the years to come.

    Source(s): Been a Personal trainer for 4 years.
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    Low Impact Exercise is best

    swimming is in my opinion the best way.

    Smells bad works good, Shark cartilage...

    I dislike supplements.

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    Lay off the potato chips, big guy. You're carrying around a little too much weight for those knees to take.

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    u sholuld get a massage after training and try to stretch ur legs so u dont feel pain any more

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    its just something u gotta get used 2, theres no quick way 2 get rid of it.

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    if your joints are soar, pick up some glucosamine. wikipedia it, its a supplement that rebuilds cartalige in your joints.

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