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toothpaste & ADA?

So I was at Wal-Mart today, and I was in the need for some new toothpaste and I noticed that they had Crest toothpastes where you get 2-for-1 for $4. I thought it seemed like a pretty good deal. I noticed a 2-for-1 from Crest that had Scope with it (Scope in the toothpaste, not the toothpaste and Scope separately). As I was looking at it, I noticed that it wasn't ADA approved, so I didn't buy it.

I almost always buy Colgate Total which is ADA approved, so I hadn't noticed until I started looking, that there is actually quite a bit of toothpastes that aren't ADA approved. Why are some toothpastes not ADA approved?

In the end, I avoided buying it (and as I was looking, I noticed that ALL Crest toothpastes that contain Scope aren't ADA approved) and found "Crest Extra Whitening w/ Tartar Protection" instead because it was 2-for-1 and ADA approved... well I learned the hard way to not be so cheap, because after using it, I already miss Colgate Total.

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    For something to be approved by the ADA, the company has to spend millions of dollars for that specific product to go through a lot of different tests and paperwork. Sometimes companies even crest and colgate, will decide that it is not worth doing that for a specific product and may just put more money into advertising or the box design.

    Fluoride is important in toothpaste. After that colgate total and crest pro health stand out as the best in my mind.

    Bleaching toothpastes cant remove anything other than surface stain because they aren't on your teeth long enough to bleach.

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    like the ada means anything.

    Dentists don't want you to have good teeth. That would put themselves out of business.

    Don't even pay any attention to such silly organizations and their "approval".

    Totally bogus.

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