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Why do you guys hate ECW, Armando Estrada, and Vickie?

You guys keep bad mouthy about ECW, Estrada and Vickie? Why?

first of all on ECW you guys keep saying (there are no hardcore match and extreme get rid of ecw, cancel this show it sucks). Who cares, ECW has a good athlete. It was boring in the mid 2006-mid 2007 until SmackDown and ECW merge. then it got better. So yeah! ECW has good athlete. So what! All you think about is stupid TNA. Well TNA sucks It's a rip off wwe. Plus Armando is try to do his best as a GM. So if Heyman is gone, then let it go. Give Estrada a change.

ON Smackdown you guys keep bad mouthy Vickie. Vickie is just acting on the storyline. So give her a chance to be GM. Teddy Long has been GM for too much longer. And that Hallo and player is getting annoying from his talk. So lets hope Vickie turns faces.

So I'm try to say why are you agains ECW, Estrada and Vickie

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    I totally agree with you!

    I tihnk all of you should give Vickie a chance! she is an amazing GM and she did do the right choice tonight, not to strip Taker off his title but to ban the move because it's illegal and really dangerous!

    Estrada has great mic skills and he atleast improved ECW...

    Talking about ECW, it kinda sucks but you know what atleast they have good amtches involving shelton, CM Punk, & John Morrison every once in a while!

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    -In terms of ECW, people just hate how WWE made it appear to be the ECW of old, and then he ruined it with actions like making Bobby Lashley and Vince McMahon champion, firing most of the "originals", and then take the idea of hardcore matches and deem them "Extreme Rulez" matches. It is as if WWE trapped fans into watching the show, guessing most people would skip it if it were under a different name.

    -TNA is not stupid, nor is it a rip-off; that is just your opinion. If that's the case, WWF during the Attitude Era was a horrible rip-off of ECW of old anf WCW. TNA has flaws, but doesn't WWE also?

    -Armando Estrada makes the most random appearances and does little for the show with these appearances. ECW should either have a GM to match the atmosphere or no GM at all. Estrada was better with Umaga anyway. People should give him a chance, but he should be more involved with the show.

    -With Vickie, I don't know. The complaints about her are stupid IMO.

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    I love ECW. TNA does suck. Armando Estrada may be trying to do his best the only reason I don't like him is because he picks on Colin Delaney so much. Vickie is an total *****. She keeps helping Edge and totaly screwing Undertaker. Thus, she just stripped him of his belt.

  • I dont watch ECW so i dont say anything about it or Estrada.. A s for Vickie i think its the fact that shes Eddies widow we should like her it seems and its not a really good thing that shes playing a heel..

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    Umm i dont think of that could desire to be the real team Heyman it may look extra like this TazZ The Dudley Boyz Sandman Chris Jericho Tommy Dreamer they could supply a extra appropriate combat then your team, and could beat Estrada's EcW.

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    ok ECW is ok, i dont have an issue with it. Armando..who gives a crap? and the big question...Vickie. Screw her, I hate her with a passion. I don't care if it's an "act". She's blatantly disgracing the guerrero name, going around with Edge. Make's me freaking sick. Not to mention, she blows as a GM. Boring as hell. EVERY thing on smackdown revolves around Edge and that's getting SO god damn tedious. Being a heel is one thing, saving edge with his butt buddy edge heads every match he has is so over done. Anyways, Vickie is a hoe, and needs to get the hell off smackdown. Shes disgracing that last name.

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    i don't ECW is entertaining and Estrada and Vickie are good general managers

    edit: i just read what u wrote about TNA go f u c k yourself TNA haters are useless piece's of s h i t

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    This is sports entertaiment, not sports. Ecw does not entertain ****. Smackdown is good and I agree vickie is doing her job

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    i hate vickie she couldnt turn face if she tried

    armando is a loud mouth that cant shut up

    and i like ecw

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    because theyre just humongous jerks i mean did you see the way estrada treats dreamer and colin and it was just sick how vickie and edge are always getting what they want just cuz vickies general manager

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