Canada Vs. USA, Which is better and why?

Me and my best friend are disgusted with the US at this point and have been for quite some time now. In the past 6 months I have lost my house, my car, and my job due to the crashing economy. I have been discussing the possibility of moving to canada with friends and relatives for the past month or so, but I cannot seem to find the answers im looking for. I want to know the differences of the US vs Canada, cost difference, schooling, laws, everything. If someone would take the time to answer me it would be a breath of fresh air, Thank you.

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    Cost difference: gas is more expensive here (Canada)

    Housing prices differ greatly from city to city, but seem to be pretty high...on the radio this morning, they said that here in Victoria BC, the average price of a house is approx. $550,000 :-(

    Contrary to the first poster, we are "at war" in Afghanistan, however most Canadians do not condone it.

    We, for the most part, are a peace loving country. We DO NOT feel the need to carry a gun with us.

    Laws: drinking age is 19 (18 in Alberta)

    We do not have capital punishment

    Marijuana is pretty much legal (unless you're growing and trafficking)

    Gay marriages are finally legal.

    Abortion is legal everywhere.

    Schooling-not sure exactly what the differences are...but it would also depend on the province, and the city that you moved to...University is about $5,000/yr in BC (as far as I can remember)...We have private and public elementary to gr 12 schools, as well as private and public colleges and universities.

    We have 5% GST, and each province has their own amount of PST....(sales taxes)

    Travelling in Canada is expensive (via trains and planes)...

    We have a higher rate of immigration than the usa (we have one of the lowest birth rates in the world)..

    We have more than two government parties to vote for.

    Alcohol is only sold in liquor stores-not available in grocery stores.

    Cell phone plans are expensive, but prices are supposed to go down with new gov't regulations.

    A lot of our media/television stations/shows come from the usa. However, Canadian media covers more world news than the usa does.

    I'd say that we are much less conservative than the usa.

    We use KMs rather than Miles... and Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

    Canucks spell words with a 'u'...such as in favoUr, neighboUr, coloUr ect ect!!

    AND, of course the big one is universal health care for everyone in Canada.

    I hope that that helps!!

    Feel free to email me if you have any more specific questions!

    What the he!! is with the four bad reviews??

    Z-pot isn't technically legal, but at least here in BC, you can smoke it pretty much anywhere without getting in trouble....

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      I meant that covers my medical for a full year in 2 and half months that i save on deductions alone

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    Canada Vs Usa

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      Hi.tell me pls accounting jobs in Canada.i need to move to Canada from south Africa.or pls network me with some accountants there

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  • 4 years ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    For the record, Canada may be better than the US right now, BUT not by much. There is the same red tape here as in the US. The economy in Central Canada is crashing too, just like that of the US. Canada is killing insurgents (and even civilians) in Afghanistan along with the Americans and the Dutch. As it stands, I'm quite ashamed to be Canadian; that something I thought I would never say 10 years ago.

    Spare yourself the grief and stay in the US. Canada is just a colder and more hypocrite version of the USA.

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    • PeterH4 years agoReport

      @Will lol are you retarded, Asians in the US are better than white canadians at everything (smarter, longer life expectancy, more cultured, etc)

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  • 5 years ago

    I'm a proud Canadian, but however when it down to the opportunities and the vibe of fun, all of my friends and i want to live within the United States of America. Many reasons for this may include the market, resources and the attractions that varies from New York City to Los Angeles. In terms of politics, it's pretty obvious to realize that when there is an election the whole watches and is so tuned into it whether you like politics or not. Americans are so patriotic and believe that they can do anything that's the reason as to why no one else can stop them in the Olympics. The thing is here is that if people CRITICIZE America so much why does that nation covers 19.8% of the worlds immigrants making it the nation with the most immigrants and based on this statistics, the United States of America is best place to live for immigrants. Canada is a great place to live and is one of the best nations in the world but at the end of the day which nation on a scale from 1-10 contributes more to world when there is a global crisis?


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  • 4 years ago

    I am born in USA and moved to Canada from my perspective In child's view and adult view Canada can be very boring every province is the same and there nothing different about any of them for adult good paying jobs but united States they have some of the best university in the world I live in British Columbia so I'm talking from living here but everywhere in Canada Is cold AF the only place I can think of that gets hot in summer is British Columbia Calgary and Toronto but the weather doesn't go over 27 degrees I have been begging my parents to relocate back to USA and if I were you stay in USA

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    • Lisa3 years agoReport

      The US. It's a beautiful country and I do love it and I'll live here with my girlfriend but when we have a family I'm not raising my kids here. Hell no.

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    6 years ago

    I am 13 and i have moved from USA to Canada this year and I can tell you Canada is way better for your kids then USA but at the same time I live in Quebec which is a little different from the rest of Canada luckily for me My parents and I both spoke French fluently before we move to Quebec so if your moving to Canada from the USA you are better off moving to a different Province if you dont speak French. The school is tougher but also much better I feel smarter here and College is much cheaper here. Since you have financial trouble you may want to fix that before you move to Canada.

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    • PeterH4 years agoReport

      In regards to education, Asians in America are smarter and more educated than average canadian, especially white canadian. US universities are also better than canadian ones.

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  • 4 years ago

    I cannot speak for USA since I have ot lived there But - Coming from a 3rd world country and living for 10 years in Canada and doing 3 businesses I can say that I have a good experience and taste of what Canada is, Just like the people of India , who is responsible for the state of affairs, Canadians are responsible for the state of affairs in Canada now, but the difference is Canadians are just "blind"..with what ever you call, a false pride etc, in my language there is a proverb Èகுண்டு சட்டியிலே குதிரை ஓட்றது .." riding a horse in a round pot" that is what is Canadians, they either do not know about the world or they are just in Denial, I thought the Canadians can do better, with so much peace, land, nature but they wont, gone are those hardworking generation of Canadians, the current ones are just indulgent and try to be politically correct, they went the banana to be peeled and shoved in thier mouth, no innovation, no big industries, no respect for owners, dont mistaken for teh Canadian politeness it is just limited to shopping malls or sidewalks - "Hi , Hi, Bye Bye"...Canada is just a mediocre country. And Especially Calgary is a nonvibrant city, Please do not come to Calgary with much expectations - I am trying to move to USA, That must be the last place for an Indian Pasport

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    5 years ago

    I feel like I'd prefer Canada, though I don't exactly agree with all USA stereotypes either... We aren't all a bunch of mumbling idiots though we have a more than fair share of them. We aren't a country of racism, but we have a bad rep because of the tidbits that others see. I can't deny we are a fallen, violent country, but I refuse to believe we can not get back to where we were if an able leader were to be elected. The country's are equal in my eyes... both have strengths and weaknesses.

    • PeterH4 years agoReport

      Actually, those stereotypes only apply to the conservative white Americans. Minorities such as Asian Americans are actually seen as smarter and more cultured than whitesl Canadians, for example

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  • 4 years ago

    I live in Sweden, thought about moving to Canada (it was my first choice), studied the social science of canadian system and american as well. I d take Canada again because I tried to move to US, their only interest was how much money I had. And yes they are incredibly disrespectful .....arrogant much those americans ey?

    Also I want to live in a friendly country, where the system is fair for all ppl, were they are no guns and high rate of homicide like the study of US shows. Were I can raise a family and life is good. But I live across the Atlantic, I only know half of it- due to books and news ....any advice for a Nursing Student who wants to move to Canada?

    Oh and also which one is recommendable Toronto,... or Vancouver, BC?

    • okay im not gonna lie but Toronto has a lot of hobos and is really busy but it has the CN tower and good beaver tails and i dont know that much about Vancouver, BC but i hear its really nice and stuff but i thonk it gets the coldest weather in Canada during winter.

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  • 6 years ago

    Gas is more expensive, there a of good safe school. Beer is more expensive. Pop and juices is cheaper than USA. Not lot of job options here but more than usa. It rain and snow and hot and windy and breezy and cool, a lot different temperature. House town house are cheaper than condo. Ikea is the cheapest place in Canada by far. Dollorama next.

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      where I live pop and juices are cheaper also then Canada

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