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My poem plagerised?

If you have seen this poem on another site please link me that site so I can know what people are talking about.

Complicated are the ways of the heart

For they are often tainted

Defying logic

Colliding with reality

This is my internal altercation

As I know this fact

But I my desires are pure

For I feel that that you are nothing but angelic

For what else can have a voice such as yours?

Beautiful in its way

With such an angelic tone

I fell as if it just a complication

To say have thoughts of you in my mind

But for you to have my heart in your posession

With pride it is that exclaim

That I would want nothing more than our paths to cross

Our hearts collide

Our bodies to embrace

Our souls to mingle

Her is the place

This is my home

To be here in my place

Is all I wish to do

For it seems to be

My sanctuary

To contemplate

To dream

My dreams are full of visions of you

All this seems to be complicated

For I allow my heart to defy my logic

I inted to be clearheaded

Mentally stable

But I fight against the torrent as I add you

Work you into my equation

Then it seems to be so simple

I am to be for you

I am to sway to your will

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    Google it to see if it was plagiarised. Everytime you do something original that really care about, you should get the copyright, or else, people will steal it easily.

    It has happened with MAAAANY songs over the years: unknown people wrote a melody/lyrics and a big, famous band stole them, it always happens, so get the copyright and if someone steals it, you can sue them, not only for the money, but for the defense of intellectual property!

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    i'm not for sure but if u check it on they could tell u n if it's even 25% plagerised then they could fail u... good luck

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    that is so beautiful... I'm sorry that I don't know who plagerized it but you have got a talent for poetry.*sniff sniff*

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