Is it possible to put the entire kitchen into the dishwasher?

I was just stacking the dishwasher when it occurred to me that if I could somehow manage to put the ENTIRE kitchen into the dishwasher instead of just the dishes then that would make cleaning the kitchen a whole lot easier!
So can this be done?
If so let me know how you did it!
Update: Eco will the shrinkie thing work on my mid section too?
I need to shrink it about 10 inches so I can be a size 4 again.
So yea, I'll borrow it and use it for my kitchen along with my weight loss goals!
Update 2: Handyman- I AM A MOM SO THERE!!!
Update 3: Willow and Ramadas- I like your spirit thanks for answering my question.
You guys are cool!
Update 4: Gracie M.- You suck, go away.
Update 5: Crazilyn- I'll let you know as soon as I possibly can!
Update 6: I just hate always having to clean the kitchen!
Don't you?
There's got to be a better way I just know there does!
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