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Omg Moonlight (the tv show)?

Did you know they are only making 2 more episodes of Moonlight its not cool I love that show. Its awesome they have to make more than two don't you agree?

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    Only two more til the season ends actually. It did get picked up for a second season so it'll be back next year.......or so I've heard.

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    yes! that is so awesome. and it's very cool that men r starting 2 watch it. the last 2 questions i answered about moonlight were men! yeah, it says only 2 more episodes with them on the preview. did anybody find it on youtube yet? i want 2 watch it again.

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    I downloaded series 1 for a friend then warned them that the series isnt being picked up again. Theres another vampire show coming to replace it tho. My first thoughts of moonlight was it was b grade, after a few episodes i liked it. Check out Dexter i love that series.

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    Well two more episodes this season. Doesn't mean we fans can't make sure there is a Season 2. I'm depressed that this season is ending though...I'm going to miss it.

    Remember, we Moonlight fans are the only people who can save Moonlight. Moonlight needs our ratings to continue. The fight to save Mick is still on. Don't forget to go to and look for Feedback at the bottom of the page under the copywright. Click and send a request for Moonlight's return.

    Also go to and vote for Moonlight. and vote for Alex and vote for Sophia and vote for Jason and vote for Shannyn Sossoman

    also in keeping with CBS fans traditions we have decided to send our own form of peanuts. We thought about garlic but decided not to be wasteful. We Moonlight fans want to show that not only do we love Moonlight we also love our enviroment and our fellow man. Rather than send something that will land in a landfill we are willing to bleed for this show. So go to

    and pledge your blood donation through the Red Cross to Moonlight. Save your fellow man and your favorite vampire in one fell swoop...or better, drip.

    Also don't forget to the cbs site and join the Moonlight community. And go to to learn more ways to save Moonlight.

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    I love that show! Sad theres only going to be two more episodes. Is there going to be a second season?

    Theres going to be a new vampire show comming out soonish called True Blood. Its based off a book series by Charlaine Harris and if the show is as good as the books then its going to be a great show.

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    Moonlight is the best show on tv. They have to keep it on!

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    Never heard of it unless you mean Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard...its from the 80s...

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    I'm hoping that announcement was just referring to this season.

    I know wikipedia isn't always accurate, but it says that it will most likely be picked up for a second season.

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    It's a GREAT show!! I'm glad he's back to being a vampire!

  • I love it too. That's one hot vampire... I'd let him suck my blood any day. lol

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