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Help! I have a schwinn 17 function bike computer that stopped tracking speed (only shows 0.0 mph when riding).

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    Yah the same thing happened to me the magnet and the receptor should be about one milimeter apart, not until they touch but not to far away. MIne was to far away and it showed 0 and then i just adjusted it.

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    Is this a wireless unit? If so,the pickup battery or the receiver battery may be weak or dead. Or try moving the pickup (and magnet) closer to the receiver, i.e. higher up the fork.

    If it's not wireless, there are three possibilities here. Has the magnet or the pickup moved? The magnet needs to pass withing a mm or so of the pickup when the wheel spins. Hope for this possibility.

    Make sure the speedometer unit is fully and properly attached to the bracket, so the metal contacts on the back are properly connected. It should click into position with a positive feel.

    Otherwise, it's likely that the wire from the pickup to the speedometer bracket is broken. That's a lot more work to fix.

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    chek the magnet on the wheel or the receptor. if u bump them they dont line up and it won't read

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