LADIES: what are you gong to do about MILITARY RECRUITERS' wrongs?

Suggestions for the governement and/or what actions are YOU going to take?

Let me know what you think about this link and how it has impacted you.

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    1 decade ago
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    #1 -- I believe anybody who believes anything put out there on a website or even in Media is just plain out dumb...and Im not sorry for saying that. I learned this is my government class. And actual live speech was recorded and then we read what the press had to say. And let me tell you...They twisted his story so much that something that was made out to be good w

    #2 -- Do u know the laws the military has that is against all of this? And also if a Service Member cheats on his spouse he is in for punishment and possibly a withdrawal from the military.

    #3 -- I, myself have talked to a recruiter on several ocasions and never has this happened to me. I contemplated joining the military for a long time. I have talked to both Army & Marine recruiters and to be honest, they are some of the most respectable people and are taught that in the military while going through boot camp. For ober a year I was talking to recruiters. Im sure these recruiters dont have to rape women. Think about u know how many women talk about "A Man in Uniform"? Im sure there are girls out there that are willing to give up sex just cuz he looks good in his cammies.

    #4 -- Even if this has happened on one occasion, they make it seem as if EVERY recruiter has done it.

    #5 -- Have u ever been in a recruiters office??? I dont know about other places, but they have windows to every office located in the building (separated by branch). Plenty of recruiters are the late busting their @ss for this country and finding more people to join the service. And last time I checked there wasn't a couch in the office....simply desks.

    And as for myself...I am not going to do NOTHING about it. There is nothing that needs to be done. And there is no way to possibly prove this is true. Please stop making our military look bad, by being gullable and falling for everything the media says or one little thing that is posted on the internet. Anybody could create a webpage and give a bunch of false info...the minute the press finds it or someone sends it to the press...its all over. Its kinda like high school...u know those rumors people would spread just to make someone look bad or cuz they didn't like them. For what I stand for as a Marine Wife...the military is awesome. They do a great deal of work for you and this country. Unless u have the balls to stand up and fight for what is right...please dont bash them unless u urself was in this situation and raped by a recruiter. And like I said before even if this did happen once...look at all the people out there in the world that have done this on a daily basis...

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  • paul
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    1 decade ago

    I never heard this before. I wounder why this has not been reported in the mainstream media. Whenever there is misconduct and punishment for that misconduct the media need to make the public aware of the punishments so that others that are so inclined will think twice before they do the same thing. Shame on the military for their recruiters misconduct.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well done to you for pointing out these horrors. This is a problem that we should all be involved in stopping, not just women. I understand that this is something that tends to happen to women rather than men (in the vast majority), but it's not only a womens issue. It is a disgrace to humanity, any form of sexual abuse is sick and disgusting, and I have a big problem with anybody who isn't 100% against it.

    Punishment for this sort of behaviour should be much harsher than it is and we need to make that clear to the authorities.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's horrible. Women are always the most exploited during war.

    Call your representatives and Senators that happen to be women especially Hillary Clinton and ask them what is being done about about this. Call up the Laura Flanders and the media and force them to report on exploitation of all women during wartime.

    The Justice Department working with KBR-Halliburton covering up brutal gang rape of their female employees

    The Pentagon giving military contracts to Dyncorp while under investigation for sex slave trafficking in women and little girls in Bosnia

    Poor Iraqi women who are forced into Syrian prostitution rings

    Poor Afghan farmers forced to sell their daughters to men to keep their farms

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