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i'm a news noob & wondering what the controversies surrounding China are in the olympics?

what exactly are people protesting against china? facts, news links & opinions are all welcome. the stories i've read about this are pretty vague... so i'm trying to get a better understanding of what's happening. thank you! :)

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    There are two main controversies with China.

    1: Tibet. China has occupied this country for decades, repressing its people and religion. The Dali-Llama, the spiritual leader of Tibetian Buddism fled the country, and continues to live in exile to this day.

    2: Human rights. China has had a long and bloody history of dealing with its own citizens who were considered to be defying the government. Starting with the violent People's Revolution in the 50s, when China converted to Communism, to the highly public and violent repression of a pro-democracy protest in Tianamen Square, China's reputation for enforcing communism with a boot to the face, or a gun has long been established. Then there's also the fact that in China, you can be arrested and thrown into prison for no reason whatsoever. You don't get a trial. You don't get a lawyer. Your family isn't even told where you are, or that you're even still alive. Despite that, they're now our largest trade partner. It was hoped that this would help China loosen up, and become more responsible. While the flood of Western products into China has created a new middle and upper class of citizens, it really hasn't done much to get the government to adapt other policies from the west, such as freedom of speech or religion.

    Due to these issues, there has been mounting pressure for various countries to boycott the games. Some political leaders have already declined to attend the opening ceremony, or even go at all. Steven Spielberg, who was working as a creative consultant for the opening and closing ceremonies, publicly walked off the job citing issues he had with China's government policies.

    When China was awarded the olympics for 2008, the committee explained that they hoped the extra attention that China would receive from the world would cause it to clean up its act - sort of forcing you to clean up the house because company is coming.

    However, criticisms continue. In preparation for the olympics. Beijing has displaced 1000s of citizens to make room for the olympic village and arenas, causing human rights activists to add yet another item to protest about in China. They've had to drain a lake, which has caused concerns by environmentalists. Others are worried about Beijing's pollution problem - which makes the smoggiest day in L.A. look like a clear blue sky in comparison. There are also concerns whether the city will even be READY come August 8th for the opening ceremonies.

    This should give you plenty of topics to search and read about for quite a long time.

    Source(s): I salute your desire to be more informed about the world around you!
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    Because 50 years ago, a Nazi running from the war ended up in Tibet. He spent some time with the young Dali Lama, and had to flee the country when the Chinese invaded. He wrote a book about it. Many years later, this book was made into a hit movie staring Brad Pitt - 7 Years in Tibet. Everybody loved it.

    At the same time, a bunch of hipsters who wanted to be cooler than their parents, rejected whatever religion they had, and started taking up buddhism. It was great, it made there parents roll there eyes, plus the leader was in exile in India (never mind that they are the 1st to yell for separation of church and state in the US, for some reason it is ok a religious leader to rule in Tibet) this gave them a cause, a repressed people to rally around.

    So now you have these hipsters who think they are working for change, and these people who get their world views from hollywood all pissed off at China, and throwing water ballons at the torch

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    Typical American arrogance that most of the complaints above relate to a minor incident with one of their darlings. The only real 'controversy' if you want to call it that is the safety of the sliding track. Everything else is just standard behavior in sports. Missed calls, mistakes in calls, etc. Utterly unimportant . I don't consider the sliding track a big issue, most competitors consider it less dangerous than some European tracks of similar level, but at least this issue revolves around safety and how far athletes should be going for a gold medal, not whether one athlete gets to add one more medal to his collection.

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    China is trying to supress Tibet; a group of people on their western flank who China have counted as part of China itself but want independence. People protest to not allow China to participate in the Olympics unless it allows a "Free Tibet"

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    Besides not freeing Tibet, they are cracking down on prosteletizing and there is severe human abuse going on due to dissention with their political and religious agenda. You can find a lot if you look on the internet.

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    displacement and ill treatment of MILLIONS of people. Approx numbers of displaced people are from 1 - 2 million people. and yes that million - specificaly for the olympics - not to mention the weather modification they are trying to do so that it does not rain - (FACT)

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