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If airplanes evolved from bicycles, why are there still bicycles?

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    Actually- airplanes DID evolve from bicycles!

    That's what the Wright brother's did.

    It's actually a reasonably good analogy. Bicycles are still evolving, as are planes, and there is still a place for bicycles in this world.

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    Market forces dictate that there is a demand for BOTH bicycles and airplanes. Hence both continue to exist and evolve. Bicycles occupy the short distance travel economic niche, while airplanes fill the long distance travel economic niche. But I suspect that you are being rhetorical. If airplanes are intelligently designed, why do so many crash? Explain that!

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    Exactly... Some may call this stupid, but I think it is a very well phrased question for the "Lower Life Forms" like religious folk to be able to understand...

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    They both evolved along different lines from a separate pre-bicycle ancestor. (I think it was the unicycle, but I could be wrong.)

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    Satan created a few extra bicycles to confuse people.

    Zvi the Fiddler

  • tj
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    It takes a long time for wings to evolve God bless

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    Because if you took the DNA molecule of a bike and compared it to that of an aircraft, you would see that the last 100,000 strands of the aircraft are different, as there would be a divergence.

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    Whales evolved from Wolfes.

    There's still wolves.

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    airplanes didn't evolve from bicycles

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    And the flugtag is evidence of transitional forms?

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