How can an American get into Cuba to visit for vacation?

I don't have any family there or anything, but want to visit there. I remember when I was in Mexico there were boats that made trips there, but how does that work with your passport and all? I think it's stupid we still have an embargo with Cuba, after all this time and the fall of communism.


Hey Charlie,

I know Cuba is still a communist country, you just misunderstood me. I should have been more specific, but the Soviet Union has dissolved, and Cuba is no threat to us. I don't think the embargo makes any sense.

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    I see a lot of misinformation here.The truth is, Cuban soil is not actually off-limits to Americans. There is no law that prevents you from going to Cuba.... BUT the Treasury Department forbids United States citizens to "spend money there without authorization", effectively barring tourist travel.

    Even prepaid tours booked in another country are illegal without authorization. On paper, although not in practice, a violation can lead to a fine of up to $55,000. Theoretically, violators could also face criminal prosectution and a fine of up to $250,000 dollars and 10 years in prison.

    The Treasury Department DOES permit Americans to spend money in Cuba if they are traveling there for such reason as academic excursions, cultural exchange, religious missions, journalistic ventures and visits to relatives. In all but the last two cases, a license authorizing the trip is required.

    Consequently,tour organizers/operators have become more savvy about, and more successful at, sending groups under these auspices. Such travelers can fly directly to Cuba from the United States on numerous charters that leave from New York, Los Angeles and Miami. A greater number of tourists go without authorization, traveling through the Bahamas, Canada, or Mexico. Cuban authorities do not stamp these traveler's passports, making it difficult, but not impossible, for American officials to determine if an American has been to Cuba.

    The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFEC) typically assesses travelers to Cuba with fines of $7,500 but often accepts a payment of less than that amount.

    Hope this helps to clear up some of the many misconceptions

    and rumors regarding travel to Cuba.

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    New Zealand that country declared them-self a nuclear free zone during the height of the cold war while America had a mutual defence treaty with them and could not understand why we cancelled it I'm sure you knew many Brit complain that some Irish Americans sent money to help out their country and they feel some went to the IRA but they have no problem with the memorial to Bobby Sands and the other IRA ''Freedom fighters'' in Havana Swiss you say Did you know that a Swiss family was granted political asylum in the U S has the father turned over bank records proving they were the bankers for the Nazi and their liefs were in danger in Switzerland The only reason a canuck brit or euro goes to Cuba as they can get a teenage Cuban girl for the price of a dinner

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    There are no direct flights from the US to Cuba, so you have to take a "gateway" country. Easiest way for Americans is to fly to Cuba from Canada, Mexico, or Jamaica.

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    "Fall of communism?' Communism has not "fallen" in Cuba...the gov't is exactly the same as it has been since the 60's. The people are still prisoners in their own country. The foreign companies that Castro "nationalized' by stealing them from the foreign investors still belong to the Cuban gov't. You have the choice of travelling all over the world. The Cuban people do not have that choice.

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    Go to mexico Get fake papers that say u are from mexico (Pay a couple of bucks, pretty easy) and presto off you go or go to canada same procedure.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can't go. I think missionaries can go

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