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Selling Xbox 360 for a PS3?

I don't know whether I should sell my Xbox 360 and get a PS3? Anyone know how much I would get for a 6 month old, premium xbox 360 with 2 controllers and 11 games? (All games quite new)

So what do you think? Should I sell or stay with the Xbox?

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    I say you sell it before you get through the problem of "the ring of death". Another reason you should get one is because they don't make HDdvds anymore and instead they make Bluray dvds which the PS3 can play. The PS3 has an internet browser and wireless internet compatibility and bluetooth compatibility. I think you can get around $600-$800 depending on what games they are.

    Source(s): PS3 owner. Had to decide whether to get 360 or PS3 and chose PS3 because of "the ring of death"
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    Stay with the xbox. Trust me, you'll miss what the 360 has to offer. Get a PS3 if your looking to upgrade you movie watching experience and downgrade your gaming experience. I have both the PS3 and xbox360 and I myself am considering selling my PS3. It's been a dust collector.

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    That relies upon, you will get extra money to your ps3. Microsoft is hell-bent on slashing the value of the 360 to proceed to be competetive, so which you will certainly might desire to sell low to tempt human beings far off from a sparkling 360. The RROD concern has additionally scared human beings far off from procuring used 360s (despite if that is nonetheless a venture or no longer is irrelavent-all of us remains weary) in spite of the undeniable fact that, in the journey that your ps3 is an older (fat) form, it is going to sell for much less, because of the recent launch of the PS3 slender. I in basic terms have a PS3, and that i'm happy with it. stay ought to probably be stronger, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is the video games that sealed the deal for me. Killzone 2, MGS4 and Uncharted 2 are outstanding and the coming near very final myth as against XIII and God of war III seem to be heavy hitters. very final myth XIV, an mmo, sounds like it is going to in basic terms be on PS3 and computing device, yet there is talk of it going to 360 as nicely. Your superb wager is to in all possibility look on the coming near video games for each platform. If one checklist of video games appeals to you, save the gadget that they are on, so which you do no longer finally end up regretting your decision later.

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    I have a ps3 and LOVE it.

    For one thing, you would now be able to watch bluray movies on your ps3.

    Also, ps3 is coming out with "PS Home", an awesome virtual reality place you can go to online, chat, and other cool things, sometime this September.

    the controller is similar to the Wii's too (in a way) - you can move it around and stuff like you can with the Wiimote

    Hmm, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want a ps3... other than not being able to play Halo anymore (but this won't matter unless you're a halo guru)

    Source(s): Check out the images for PS Home: Those screenshots of PS3 Home are AMAZING! Also watch some on youtube about it.
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    I'm a PS3 owner, and it would be good to have another person join the Playstation family.

    But if there's some exclusives coming out on the PS3 that you want to get and you want a more reliable console, a PS3 would be a good choice.

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    i would ,,,,, dont get me wrong xbox is the best ever console but with that rrod i will swap my 360 for ps3 till the new ones comes out in oct 09

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    NO dont do it! PS3 SUCKS!

    XBOX 360 IS BETTER!!!!!!!

    (your probably going to sell it anyways so it doesnt matter what I say)

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