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how can i power a bike with a lawn mower engine??

is it possible to use a lawn mower engine to make a bike drive with the engine of the lawn mower??please my school wants us to make an engined powered thing.and if a cant use a lawn mower to power a bike what can i use?????

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    no . The lawn mower engine is designed to work with the blade for the load. I would use electric bike motor,.

  • When I was in grade school those lawn mower engines were in. There were about 3 bikes in town that had engines on them, I was not one of them. The lawn mowers in that time has horizontal shafts with a pulley attached. The lawn mowers used a belt clutch so these engines were well suited to put on a bike. The pulley was wrapped with friction tape or electrical tape. This would sit on the rear tire. The motor had a rod welded or otherwise attached. A short piece of pipe (5 or 6 inches as I remember it) was welded near the rear of the seat (to the bike frame). This is where the rod that was attached to the motor would slide in. This would allow the motor to pivot up and down slightly. The weight of the motor gave plenty of friction for the pulley wheel to drive the rear wheel. This pivot also allowed a lever mounted in the front to lift the motor from the wheel thus disengaging the motor from the rear wheel.

    You first started riding with the motor disengaged, when you got going then with your control lever you would engage the engine and with any luck the engine would start and you were one of the really cool people.

    Brings back memories


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    Many, many years ago I fashioned a motorized bike by using a 31/2 hp horizontal shaft Briggs and Stratton gas engine for my teenage son.

    I fastened the enging to the handlebars so the engine could swivel up and down. On the shaft I put a 2" rubber bushing that I found in a junk yard.

    To operate the bike, he started peddling then lowered the engine onto the front tire. That cranked the engine and off he went. To stop, he pulled the engine up off of the front wheel. The bike had standard brakes, applied by back peddling.

    BUT, it was very dangerous in a crash. That hot engine and fuel tank on the handle bars was death waiting to happen. So, in the interest of seeing my son live a long healthy life, I scrapped the project. But, it did work!

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    My Dad made 14 motorcycles with Brigs and Straten engines. it isn't that not straightforward with a Horzonale shaft. actual you fab a plate one the bottom out of one million/4 plate and performance it welded on for the engine. Get some pulleys and a belt.

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    Dude a weed wacker engine would be better because of the size.

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