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Getting into Duke University...?

What chance do I have of getting into Duke University, with a full scholarship (my parents' combined income was $ 28,000 this year, so paying for it myself is out)?

-Next year, I'll be finishing high school 2 years early (I skipped a grade, and I did summer school for extra credits)

-My SAT score, as of last testing, was a 2150

-My ACT score is 32

-My GPA is 3.98

-I'm on the cross-country and soccer teams, and I staff the yearbook.

-I live in very rural South Carolina

-When I apply, I'll be a 15-year-old female Caucasian

I'd really like Duke professors' opinions, and maybe some people who have graduated from this school.

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    Thanks for bulleting your question and providing context!!

    The full scholarships at Duke University are very selective and have additional applications. Maybe, you mean getting a lot of GRANT money (money which simply lowers your tuition amount based on family need). Yes, if you are accepted, you would probably receive a lot in grant money because of your parents lower income.

    You grades and scores are about average for a Duke student. Your activities are average as well. Being from a small town and female and from South Carolina helps a lot. South Carolina does not have a high ranking education system.

    Generally, you are competing with other people in the Southeast and being so close to North Carolina, you might have a more difficult chance than if you were applying to Brown or Northwestern or even Stanford.

    You should try to distinguish yourself from the typical top 10% student who does 10 clubs and has good scores and grades. You’re going to have show a different level of maturity by graduating early. The admissions board will be concerned that you will fit in with people older than you. Maybe you joined some political organizations at the community college where you took additional classes. Maybe you really enjoyed a book and wrote a review about it in the community college’s newspaper.

    If you don’t have any other accomplishments that really stand you out among typical “over-achiever” students, then try getting a full scholarship to University of South Carolina or shoot for Georgia Tech (if you’re interested in Engineering) or Emory University. Emory University is also a great school and known to give lots of grant money to qualifying students.

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    As long as your SAT's are about 2100 or higher and your ACT is between 30 and 36, you are almost guaranteed admission. Really, you should also have more community service. You didn't mention anything about that... If you don't get into Duke, other good schools in the south which may be slightly easier would be UVA, Vanderbilt, and Emory, and I'm sure you'll at least get into UVA and Emory.

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