Why are narcotic drugs so addicting?

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    I am not sure, read many questions about narcotic drugs and addiction. However, I am on the Fentanyl Patch because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, prolapsed disc, scoliosis, peripheral neuropathy, osteopenic and it just goes on. Glad to report I can function rather well with the Fentanyl Patch have not had to increase the dose and am active. As to if I am addicted? Well I do know that if I do not change the Patch every 72 hours, sometimes I let the hours tick by to see how long I can wait before the pain returns, when the pain returns, I know I do not like it. Likewise before the Fentanyl Patch I was not on 'any' long term pain killer, just the odd co-proxmial when I could not longer handle the pain. I was told I am looking at 10-15 years of the patch after which the disc should have dehydrated and I can stop the patch. To be honest I was not expecting to live that long. I think that if the drug is given to the person, because the person has 'proof' that they need the drug, then how can it be addicting? However what tends to happen, Doctors prescribed based on Patients description, rather than say starting off at a low dose and building up. Prior to the patch you would be lucky if I popped a Tylex once a month and certainly not four a day as prescribed, because I really did not 'think' I needed them. However the disc is a real different kettle of pain and it is not as if I can do anything about it. With Rheumatoid Arthritis you can use heat, ice, TENs machine, various creams, infrared lamps sauna, steam, massage, the list goes on and nine times out of ten the pain would ease. However the disc, nothing works. Perhaps in that is the problem? We live in a time when the TV advert promises us 'one pill kills all pain' and we buy into it, rather than broadening our minds and seeing what other things can assist, as the list above. We 'expect' the Doctors to gibe us a pill to make us 'feel' better, even if along with the pain we succumb to depression, which in turn can make the pain feel twice as worse. The what if scenario, my job, my partner, the kids. I think all Patients have to be educated to realize that it is their body and they really have to be pro-active, as the magic bullet for pain does not exist. Very few people will try and manage their own pain, because it is easier to pop a pill and that is why we have addiction. Look at some of the questions: Pain Management, Physiothreapy:does it work? I am going for back fusion. I sit here thinking how glad I am that I did not go into the Medical Field, because I would be deranged by now. My Doctor is excellent, if I went to see him and said 'If I stand on my head for half an hour, the pain goes' he would reply 'Good, keep it up!' because he knows deep down he has little to offer me in the way of drugs, let alone a cure. When Humans realize that once the body starts to react, age, succumbs to illness, the medical profession really have no answers, then perhaps they will start to look after these bodies that they have. Best of Luck

    PS I am so 'addicted' to Fentanyl that I have to put an alarm on my mobile telephone to 'remind' me to change my patch, otherwise I forget. Is that addiction?

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    1 decade ago

    they hit on the endorphins in your brain, which is also known as "reward pathway."

    With chronic use, the brain may stop producing endorphins, and the user develops tolerance. The user must replace the missing endorphins with narcotics in order to feel good and to avoid the painful effects of narcotic withdrawal.

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  • everything she just sad and most people have such a low tollerance to pain and an instant gratification thing going on

    so they try to get the highest pain meds they can get cause they figure if they have to pay for them they might as well get on that will leave them feeling nothing cept realy really doped up

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