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the_iceman86 asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

Friday Hockey Questions...?

1.) If a player from your team does something dirty, do you acknowledge it? Or do you try to defend them or make excuses? (I find myself doing a little of both)

2.) Do you hate fans of rival teams before you even meet them, or do you give them a fair shake?

3.) If you could go back in time and see one game in your teams history, which would it be? Which Hockey Section Reg would you bring?

4.) Give me your All-Playoff Line thus far (including Goalie)

5.) How do you enjoy a playoff game the most? At the arena, Sports bar, home? With who?

6.) Should pro's be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international competitions, or should it be a showcase of the countries other talent?


**Joe- I agree about the lines, It's pretty cool to see some of the combo's teams like Russia, Sweden, and Canada can come up with. Maybe if they made a bigger deal about the World Juniors I would miss amatuers playing as much.

Update 2:

**Joe- Yanks (HUGE) I try to get to about 10 games a year, and suprisingly I am a huge Eagles fan... The story goes something like this, I went to a BC v. Syracuse game, McNabb was amazing, and I followed him since. (My dad wasn't a football fan, just hockey and baseball) so I picked my NFL team myself.

Update 3:

*Joe- Yeah, you can't blame him for not doing much with only one option on offense how the hell does your running back lead in rushing yards and receving yards? I hope Jackson works out to be servicable otherwise I think this offseason was a bust.

Update 4:

*Dawkins is a close second (favorite player wise) on my list too. I think the key for the offense is a healthy Smith. He was a hell of a tight end when he was healthy, and that would open up the running game a little more. I like the aquisition of Booker from Miami, I think he will give Westbrook some downs off and keep him fresh. Brown and Curtis really need to step up and make some plays if were going to make a run in the best division in the NFL.

Update 5:

Mr Bojangles- I was at that game, still got the ticket stub, one of the saddest days of my life thus far.

Homes- Deal.. The woman doesn't mind being the DD, the only problem is, how are you going to see the game after I drink you under the table... ha ha ha.

Update 6:

Laying Low- I noticed that too. You see alot more Yankees/Giants Fans than Yankees/Jets fans, and all my Met fan friends seem to like the Jets and Nets. It's kinda funny.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1)I do absolutely acknowledge it.See Boulerice and Downie earlier this year.But I also make excuses too when I feel its warrented.

    2)I dont hate but if I find out your a Rags fan..Like yourself I do bust your balls about it but never hate.

    3)1974-Game 6 Flyers/Bruins Kate Smith signing the National Anthem-Orr,Espo,O'Reilly against Clarke,Barber Parent.Cant beat it and I guess I would take any Flyers fan to that game.

    4)Briere,Franzen,Zetterberg and Kimmo Timonen Stephane Robidas and in net MAF.Tough not to say Biron but Fleury 7-1 with 2 shutouts so far.

    5)Home usually but sometimes at a sports bar..Since I moved where I am now not too many friends of mine up here but make quick friends at the bar.

    6)Tough question but we wouldn't have had the 80 Olympic team if they were not amateurs and I know the other countries had professionals as well.But to answer your question I would say keep the pros in the Olympics..Fun to watch some of the lines play together.

    Source(s): Iceman-I noticed your both a baseball fan and football fan as I am..Jets or Giants?Yanks or Mets? **Iceman-I am McNabbs biggest supporter here.You wouldn't believe the negativity they give that guy here.Arguably our best QB ever and still pick him apart.Huge baseball fan but haven't been to Yankee Stadium yet but I have to get there this year before they tear it down. **Iceman-It kind of scares me a bit why Desean fell like he did in the draft and Samuels wasnt a need.Cincy isnt giving up Chad and Ari isnt giving up Fitzgerald but as long as Dawkins and Westbrook are running the show you never know.If we had Desean this year we would have at least won those 2 games that special teams botched..I'm hoping not another Jeremy Bloom though. femflyer-Next to Eric Allen and BDawk,McNabb is my fav player ever and if hes healthy(Huge IF)we can maybe sneak into the playoffs although the East will be better this year. spaceboy-LMAO at the LITY comment and you'd also be invited to come to my game but i dont think you'd be too thrilled with the outcome. ***Iceman again-Your right but we say that every year about LJ but I feel the key to the offense is the line.If Runyan and Andrews can give McNabb time in the pocket he is capable of picking defenses apart.Booker I see as another Buckhaulter back there but I could be wrong.I mean I thought Mike Mamula was gonna be a good one when he first came into the league..Speaking of BC.LOL.I guess only me and you can get into a long discussion about football when the title of your question is Friday hockey questions. femflyer-Buddy was my favorite as well.Bounty Bowl and the Body bag game are 2 of my faves ever.Gang green d.How can you not love them?
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  • 1 decade ago

    1.) I acknowledge it, but try to defend it to make it not look as bad as it really was. The Devils haven't done anything major though, so it hasn't really been a problem.

    2.) Jokingly I dislike them, like I'll tell my friend "Grr! A Ranger fan!" But if I end up sitting next to a rival fan and they're nice, then I don't mind.

    3.) I'd go back in time to 1988 when the John McLean scored in overtime to send the Devils to their first ever playoff!...Even though I wasn't even born then. I'd bring Kurfadle, because we're Devils fans.

    4.) Lidstrom (D), Rafalski (D), Datsyuk (C), Morrow (LW), Jagr (RW), Fleury (G).

    5.) At home, by myself. Lol I know, it's sad. My parents don't really watch games of other teams, and my brother's in college.

    6.) They should be able to compete - They are still representing their country, regardless if they are pros or not. If all the pros are playing, then the countries can safely say that they put out their best to try and win. It's a battle between the best of the best.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Probably a little bit of both. However, I'm good at acknowledging nice plays by the other team so if it was soemthing Bertuzzi-esque by one of my guys, I'd admit it.

    2. I'm a HORRIBLE judge of character, so prove me wrong, and its all good in the hood. I'm more about "let me pick on you for two seconds" and then be on with it.

    3. I almost wanna say NO Goal, but I don't think I can handle the anguish again. In recent history, game 4 of the Sabres/ Sens series. Everything was ok for one night lol. Or maybe game 6 in the Sabres/ Rangers series, same year, so tense but so exciting!

    4. Meh, Literally, the only team I'm even remotely interested in at this point is Phili, but I could coem up with a line fi I had to, I guess.

    5. I've never been to a playoff game, so I'd like to check it out. Otheriwse, at a loud and crazy bar with all my nearest and dearest, and strangers who high five you out the door.

    6. Theoretically, the Olympics are an amature competition. As much as I love pro hockey, I don't think its fair. Same for basketball.

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  • Siggy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    1. in the heat of the moment I will probably defend- that is break up the other gteam from attacking him...but I amay something to him on the bench.

    2, fair shake- seeing things from others perspectives is important

    3. I'd want to see the 1994 Sweden -Canada game when Forsberg does "the move"-- I'd bring you, just cause you asked, or JOE B, I would think about asking LITY, but he claims to be every where and have seen everything, so screw him.

    4. Zetterberg, Datsyuk , Briere, Lidstrom, Kronwall, Osgood

    5. Home with wife and a beer

    6. NO! I hate that they do...countries like Norway and Austris for example don't ever stand a chance-- They are after all- supposed to be amateur sporting events

    JOE B.- thanks for the invite. To see the old Bruins would be awesome, win or lose. And yeah, screw LITY- what a poser

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  • 1)When Simon pulled his act, I didn't defend what he did, but hoped he would get some much needed help. Off- ice, he was always involved in charitable causes.

    2) Growing up, most of my friends were Rags fans. I can't tolerate most of them here because all they do is whine about the refs after every loss. You are one of the few who can be objective.

    3) I wouldn't mind seeing Game 6 of the 1980 Cup Finals again, just to bring Joe B. and make him sit through it and buy me all the beers.

    4) This year so far, I go with Turco in net, Rafalski and Lidstrom on D, Briere at C, and Malkin & Zetterberg at wings.

    5)Right now, at home with my 5 year old son. I did take him to an Las Vegas Wranglers ECHL playoff game. It was fun, but it was tough for him to sit still.

    6)No. It's unfortunate that state-sponsored/salaried(mostly Eastern-bloc) teams brought about the allowance of professionals.

    *It's funny how in NY you either root for the Yanks,Rangers,Giants, and Knicks block, or Mets,Jets, Islanders, and Nets. The uppity-establishment teams against the underdogs. I am always in the minority,lol.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) I usually say, “Watch it {insert player’s name}!!!” I always acknowledge it. Sometimes at the bar, I wonder if people think I am supporting the wrong team.

    2) I like everyone. I never hate fans that like another team. I mean, we all love hockey and that is all that matters. ……………………F ing A, I just sounded like a hippie. I am going to go beat myself now.

    3)Game 7, in 2004……the Bolts vs. the Flames. Iceman, since you are moving down here anyhow, I’d bring you. I would make you take that very long, very flat drive from Miami to Tampa. Super Yawners! But then when you get here, we can really settle the “Who is a bigger drinker” dispute. Oh, I guess your could bring you girlfriend also, but she had to be the DD. LOL!

    4)Jean Beliveau, Dickie Moore, Doug Harvey, Boom-Boom, Jacques Plante.

    5)I love going to the arena. The sights, the sounds, the smells. My better half.

    6) I am half and half on this issue. I hate how it disrupts the NHL schedule, but I think it is important for players to be able to represent their respected countries.

    Edit: I think you would be the one with the seeing problems. 1st you'd be drunk, and 2nd you'd be blinded by my beauty. LMAO. Kidding, I don't have that big of an ego.

    Spaceboy: Jealously much?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) Acknowledge it. Try to be an honest person.

    2) Not at all, some of the best conversations come with sane fans of opposing teams.

    3) Whalers last game in Hartford. I'd take Joe B because he seems to have a great sense of humor.

    4) Biron, Lidstrom, Coburn, Franzen, Malkin, Briere

    5) Home, by myself(I can concentrate better)

    6) If pro's want then sure, they are citizens of their country and therefore should be able to represent.

    Wow coach, first you take the time to send someone a nasty email from a chat room, then you follow me and act like your are insulting me. Man I wish I had so little to do in life than to be that petty. I envy you, seriously big guy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) They do say that Love is blind lol. No but i must admit there are a lot of times i see Homer cross the line, but i do make excuses a lot lol.

    2) Well, I don't hate anyone no...but i try and get some conversation out of them. Hockey is Hockey, and at the end of the day (I know i sound like such a hypocrite for saying this) but it really is just a game.

    3) Ahh the Wings Vs Avs Brawl in 1997, I'd Bring Mike with me, because his team got their behinds kicked.

    4) Idk there's a lot to choose from.

    5) At the Arena is a blast, thats got to be the funnest. But i also enjoy watching it at home with my dad. We're both pretty crazy

    6) Yeah why not, but at the same time....Let someone else shine you know?

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  • 4 years ago

    a million) Which NHL team has the LEAST intimidating call? Gotta be the geese suitable? UM A LEAF WHOS IS petrified of A LEAF?? 2) Which team has the main intimidating call? PREDATORS i could be petrified of THAT 3) Which participant has the final hockey call? Worst? KANE, TOOTOO 4) Which goalie could make the final participant? Which participant the final goalie? UMM IDK 5) Which summer season olympian for the u . s . may be the final hockey participant? USIAN BOLT HE might desire to SKATE via EVERY1 6) in the journey that your sought after team moved to Kansas city or Las Vegas, could you nevertheless be a fan? YEA 7) who is going to attain the 1st purpose of the season on your team? The final? KANE AND TOEWS 8) what proportion video games will it take for Martin Brodeur to break the best-ever wins checklist (desires 14 wins to break)? All time shutout checklist (desires 8 to break)? he gets the two interior the 1st 50 video games 9) in case you had to alter the colour of the strains on the ice (purple line blue line) what could you adjust them too? purple AND BLACK 10) annoying Devils question.....who forechecked the Philadelphia participant that then coughed up the %. into his very own open internet (at the back of schedule penalty) to grant Martin Brodeur his 2nd profession purpose? UMM IDK 11) yet another annoying Devils question...who misfired the %. to the element that then went down and scored on the empty internet (at the back of schedule penalty) which carry approximately Ottawa's goaltender recording a purpose against the Devils. I forget which goaltender it replaced into....IDK BONUS: If Mats Sundin retires, will or no longer it incredibly is the tip of him or will he pull a Brett Favre and attempt and are available back? can we ever hear the tip to this annoying as h*ll saga? YEA probable A BRETT WHO? BONUS #2: in case you have been Mats Sundin the comparable sitaution, what could you go with for to do, actually? i could think of i could choose for Vancouver....$20 Million! YEA comparable right here

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. To be honest I would probably make excuses! lol

    2. Yes, I hate them before.

    3. 1991-92 to the Stanley Cup Final when Pittsburgh won the cup, I would want any Penguin fan on here to come with me, it's hard to choose one.

    4. Alexi Kovalev, Evgeni Malkin, Pavel Datsyuk, Daniel Briere, Sergei Gonchar,Nicklas Lidstrom, Marc Andre Fleury

    5. At home with my family, it would be enjoyable at the arena obviously, but tickets are too much money and I don't live near Pittsburgh so...

    6. Yes!

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