What is a good law school in the state of Maryland?

I have recently left the military and am looking for a law school that I can attend, while still working my full time (9-5) job. I would be willing to put the work in, and I also have a few college credits already, but cannot seem to locate a good school either on-line or in my area. Also, I would like to know if this is even going to be worth my while trying to attain this goal while keeping my job. (Got bills to pay...)

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  • Dana A
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    1 decade ago
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    There are two, University of Maryland and University of Baltimore. US News Ranks U. of Md. 42nd in the US and in the top tier of law schools. U. of Baltimore is in the 3rd tier.

    Not sure if U. of Md. has night classes though.

    Here's the website.


    Good luck,

    Dana (attorney)

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