is there a uiversal ideal of 美

五段式essay .

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    五段式essay structure for your reference


    Is there a universal beauty standard?

    Universal beauty standard

    1. Some people believe that ideal beauty can be reduced to a facial geometry based on the Golden Ratio (1.618 to 1)

    2. An ideal feminine beauty standard features wide-set eyes, high cheekbones, large eyes, full lips, clear light skin, a short nose and a relatively small lower face.

    Global beauty standard by the mass media and the film industry

    1. Miss Universe - beauty standard?

    2. The film industry becomes more globalized — the notion of universal beauty

    is also blended and homogenized

    Ideal appearance by the cosmetic surgery

    1. The development of techniques and technologies of cosmetic surgery makes ideal beauty more possible

    2. Global research statistics of cosmetic surgery operations

    Asianization of the American Beauty Standard

    1. Asian female faces rate high under universal beauty standards and are moving up under an increasingly Asianizing American beauty standard

    2. Relatively small eyes, short noses, full lips, pronounced cheekbones and broad jawlines


    1. Why looks matter. There are other universal beauty standards than face.

    2. Other beauty standard, e.g. waist-to-hip ratio in women around .7 (e.g. 36-25-36).



    Striving for Asian Beauty Leads to a Universal Standard

    Asian Faces Under the American Beauty Standard

    Are You Beautiful Why Looks Matter - MSN Encarta

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