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拜託各位請幫忙一下>< 很急需

題目是: Spread of Diseases (New&Old)

現在社會環境汙染(全球暖化優先)所引發出來的疾病不管是新的或是原本消失又出現的都要 都可




1. What's the problem? (Definition)

2. What are causing the problem?

3. What's happing because of the problem? (Effect)

4. What can we do to help?

就這些 可以的話 我希望也有中文..

不然我英文還不好..會看不懂 這樣自己要講時就講不出來了..

有資料那些請說一下 不然我怕我呆呆的就略過了..



在此送上20點 因為這對我真的很重要><

拜託了>< 謝謝!!感激不盡

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    What's the problem? & What are causing the problem?

    The increasing heat in the earth's atmosphere can cause several diseases that can be deadly. Here are some diseases and illnesses that can be resulted in by global warming:

    Millions of poor and minority children in America's cities likely will suffer even higher rates of asthma as the result of a “powerful one-two punch” of higher levels of pollen and changes in the types of molds spurred by global warming along with unhealthy urban air masses caused by the burning of fossil fuel by cars, trucks and buses.

    What's happing because of the problem?

    Malaria, Encephalitis and Dengue. Malaria and Dengue are mosquito-borne diseases that can prove to be fatal. Global warming increases the number of Malaria, Encephalitis and Dengue victims because warmer climates can result in a booming population of ticks and mosquitoes that cause these diseases.

    Climate-related increases in sea surface temperatures and sea level can lead to higher incidence of water-borne infectious and toxin-related illnesses such as cholera and shellfish poisoning; zooplankton which can harbor cholera proliferate in warmer water temperatures, and provide a potential environmental reservoir for the disease.

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