Do you believe in God? If so what religion is the God from and what helps you maintain faith in this God.?

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    Why did you delete my answer.

    I answered truthfully but it seems that you only want to hear from those who DO believe. If that is the case, why ask 'Do you believe in god'?

    Here is my answer again:




    If you are so closed-minded about the opinions of others, then you are to be further pitied.

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    yes, i beleive in several gods , goddesses and minor deities. my religion is simply a search for a higher truth and i would not really have a name for it. but my philosophy is that of tao.

    my faith is reassured by travels to the other side. its hard to lose faith when you walk in both worlds. even if only once. it would be like if i were to say i dont beleive in my house or state, or the people that live there... so i guess faith isnt much of an issue for me.

    but explanations were a bit difficult to begin with, because i am naturally of a scientific mind... but the more i understood quantum physics, the less questions i felt the need to ask.

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    Yes, I believe in God. I don't think that God belongs to any one religion. I think that all the names and forms that people worship as God, Gods, or Goddesses, are just manifestations of the One God. They are different ways of approaching, or thinking about, God. I think that God comes to us in the way that we are able to accept him. God is real and hard to describe in human words, and so people from different cultures who experience the same God will describe him in different ways. So to me, God is Vishnu, Shiva, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Krishna, and other names that other religions call him.

    I maintain faith in God because of the personal experience I have of feeling his presence.

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    Yes. I believe in the God of Abraham in the Bible. He has been there for me since before I was born. It says this in the Bible that God was there when we were in the womb of our mother. This is found in the Bible in Psalms 139. It is one of the most encouraging letters that I have ever read. I know today that God loves me and wants to give me eternal life. He is expecting me to be obedient to his Word and stay in fellowship with Him daily. The religion is Protestant - the faith is called Apostolic - just like the apostles of Jesus.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't believe in religion. Many won't understand that either. I just believe in God and the Bible. I don't want to be labeled and if I have to be then I prefer the term Believer or Spiritual.

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    1 decade ago

    I believe in one or more gods. I don't believe in religions as they are today.

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    Jesus told Satan, 'It is Jehovah your God you must worship and it is to him ALONE you must render sacred service.'..Matthew 4:10.

    The Bible teaches us how to worship God acceptably.

    To maintain Faith, one must serve God, pray to him, for many things..and asking for Holy Spirit,...that will give us faith. As you continue in this service, and see your prayers answered and all the help he gives, your faith is built up.

    The Lords prayer is an excellent example of how to pray.

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    Well..asking again eh?? I don't believe in god.. I have faith in myself though..

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    there is ONLY ONE GOD.

    the GOD of abraham..Issac, and Jacob

    and JESUS.

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