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bob d asked in TravelLatin AmericaChile · 1 decade ago

Chile(country) information?

Im makin a catalog 4 Chile and its supposed 2 persuade someone 2 go 2 chile so I need some help finding nice pictures and clothes they wear and activities they do in Chile.

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  • Gili
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    1 decade ago
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    For someone visiting Chile, the selling points are the sites.

    If someone likes to travel, the South of Chile is amazing! You can take the train and see how the landscape becomes more and more green...

    - Torres del Paine:

    - Glaciars:

    Here's someone who went to both:

    In the North you have the Atacama Desert, the most arid desert in the world:

    It only blooms once every few years, but when it does it's breathtaking:

    The "Cueca" is Chile's national dance:

    Here's some ideas of what you may want to tell someone who is going to Chile's capital Santiago:

    If you like to shop, uptown Santiago has two very large malls and several small malls with stores like Hugo Boss and Lacoste. You can also find beautiful jewelery made from lapislazuli, a stone that can only be found in Chile and Afghanistan. These are just a couple of examples.

    If you like eating out, there are plenty of Chilean restaurants that serve dishes made from seafood or beef (beef is very good in Chile!). They also have most chain American restaurants, from Burger King to Tony Roma's.

    If you like to party, you won't be disappointed. Chile's nightlife is second to none. You can dance, drink, chill...

    The only downsides are very heavy traffic during rush hour, impolite drivers and smog. The latter is worst in areas close to the airport and downtown. Safety has improved in the last decade, but I would still recommend against walking through downtown with a diamond necklace.

    If you like to ski, ski resorts in the Andes mountains are only an hour away. If you like the ocean, it is a two hour drive.

    The weather is pretty mild. In the Winter it is rarely below freezing and in the summer it is usually under 90 degrees. Humidity is low... I currently live in Los Angeles and the weather has felt very similar.

    Source(s): Chilena
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    PS--I have been there--the Andes are breathtaking,the people friendly,and the food and wine are terrific!

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