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Cleveland neighborhood question?

What type of neighborhood is the area around the W 65th-Lorain Avenue RTA station?

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    Historically, the neighborhood was settled by working class Irish immigrants. The Irish eventually moved out, but St. Coleman's is a neighborhood landmark and continues to be an important place for Cleveland's Irish American population. The neighborhood has long been neglected, but it is a transitional neighborhood that it is seeing some new construction and refurbished homes. A variety of groups are working together to make that a model "green" neighborhood and the initiative is called Eco Village.

    Eco Village ( is arguably a part of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood (, which has a lot going on around the arts district at W.65th and Detroit (Gordon Square -, and in anticipation of the West Shoreway redevelopment that better connects the neighborhood to the lake (

    I am actually thinking about moving to Detroit Shoreway, and I would want to be closer to Gordon Square in the northern portion of the neighborhood near Detroit Avenue where there are new restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. Lorain Avenue is rather depressed as a commercial corridor, comparitively speaking. I am big advocate of RTA, and although I would prefer the Rapid, the #26 bus route that runs down Detroit Avenue directly into downtown has a better timetable than the Red Line Rapid.

    The Detroit-Shoreway revitalization is pretty cool, but I wouldn't yet recommend it for families. For a single person or childless couple that wants an up-and-coming urban neighborhood, it is perfect. If you are looking for an urban neighborhood good for families look in West Park or Lakewood.

    Hope this information is what you are looking for. I would suggest poking around on the forums at as a resource. The forumers there are pretty knowledgeble about the city and can be very helpful for people looking to relocate. Other transit oriented neighborhoods in Cleveland that might interest you are Ohio City and Shaker Square.

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    There are areas of Garfield Hts that are quite superb. in my opinion i do unlike Garfield Hts. yet I even have pals and kinfolk who stay there and that they like it. I stay in Cleveland Heights, and that i will inform you the area of Cleve.Hts. i would not proceed to exist is Noble, that section is going down hill in case you question me. different than that Cleve. Hts is a desirable city. Shaker Hts. is suitable too, its extra high priced than the different 2 suburbs. If it have been me and that i replaced into attempting to come to a decision the place to stay, i could attempt to journey each and every suburb. power around Shaker Hts. see what it has to grant, comparable factor with Cleve.Hts. & Garfield Hts. inspect the cities web content. heo3223 - there is not any such place as Eculid Heights. Its basically Euclid.

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    Its not the best place if you have kids. Can get a little frantic and not a bob across the street with the perfect lawn and picket fence kinda place if you understand.

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    if single and not wanting a lush gardens and manicured lawns and the little white picket fence, it will be fine for you, Many nice people live in that area.Why not take the time and check out the area..

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    how old are you and do you have kids

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