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How can I get pale skin like Dita Von Teese?

I'm already easily at least 3-4 shades light than Nicole Kidman is. I don't go in the sun. I wear sunscreen. Lemon and milk don't work so don't suggest it. I don't want to jsut lighten my face but my whole body. Please help. Thanks.


I'm not dark. And it's my reason I want to be paler. I don't find dark skin attractive on me. I like pale skin like I had when I was younger. It's not Michael Jackson syndrome. I can be whiter if I want to. I think it's beautiful and it looks good on me. Don't post if you're not going to answer the question.

Update 2:

There's no such thing as too white. And I was born that color. I'm just darker now. I want the skin color I had when I was younger.

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    try glutathione skin whitening pills.. you can also get the benefit of a great antioxidant in one supplement... here's more info -

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    pale is not a good skin color

    why do you want to change your skin color I think all skin colors are great looking

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    this is called michael jackson syndrome!!!

    u cant get whiter!! ur born with that color!! embrace it....dita is pretty but there are darker people who are also gorgeous...fair skin doesnt mean automatic beauty.....instead of going through these ridiculous regimens...why dont u be happy with who u are.

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    That is tooo white

    its scary! Please dont go and look like Michael Jackson's skin

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  • ...that pale is scary....

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