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CNN keeps dwelling on OH & PA, to favor Clinton. What about the TON of states won by Obama? They don't count?

CNN's "political analysts", specifically a Clinton follower named Bill Schneider, are again trying to brainwash the American public into voting for Clinton, by showing FAKE AND MISLEADING "polls" where they present Clinton as "more electable" because "she has won two key states", like OH & PA, by a mere 10-point lead.

In turn, Obama has won a myriad of states, MANY MORE THAN CLINTON, many of them with more population than OH and PA, and many where the majority of voters are also women and blue-collar white workers, just like OH and PA, BUT CNN REFUSES TO GIVE DUE CREDIT TO THOSE OBAMA WINS.

The sad thing is that many Americans (specially older women, working class white people and Hispanics in general) seem to be stupid enough to believe such biased comments, because they are really affecting Obama and helping Clinton in polls.

Can't people think for themselves and vote, ignoring sold-out people like Schneider? All the states Obama won, even by huge margins, suddenly don't count?

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    The "BIG" states, all won by Clinton are of significance for 2/reasons. In the short term they carried more delegates for primary elections. In the long term they are the states more likely to vote Democrat & w/ more electoral college clout. Alot of the states that Obama won are more likely to vote Republican in the general election, carry less electoral college power & many were caucuses. Caucuses are not the best measure of a candidates success in a particular state because they are known for being a bit exclusive - primarily because they take up alot of time which is prohibitive to any party members who do not have the 2 up to 8 hours to spend away from family & job obligations.

    Additionally, there is the issue of buyers remorse. Though I'm guessing that you are not among this group, NUMEROUS polls are showing that a number of primary voters in the beginning of the season, now feel that they were prey to media & marketing of the idea of Obama. Now that they are slowly getting to know him, they are opposed to his poor judgement, Carter-esque "will deal w/ terrorists & those other than established governments" foreign policy, vote for the Cheney Energy bill and a general impression of lack of experience.

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    You are clearly an Obama supporter.

    OH and PA were big wins because they had a substantial amount of electoral votes--that's why it is mentioned.

    If you really watched the news outlets though, you'd see that most have been pushing Obama and not Clinton so why the complaint? I don't think most people are "stupid" enough, as you'd like to call it, to believe biased comments that are coming from news outlets--I think people are actually waking up to the reality of these two candidates which is why you see Obama's lead diminishing. Preliminary polls done pitting McCain against Clinton and McCain against Obama in a mock presidential election have clearly shown that Clinton would actually win the presidential ticket, whereas, Obama would not--that's a huge indicator of where people's loyalities lie AND how Obama's supporters are NOT as loyal to him and are slowing abandoning him.

    What is sad is that people were not and will continue to vote based on race, which is what the whole Democratic race has been about thus far. People are TOO concerned about putting in a black man to be bothered with the issues and not stopping to think if this is the right black man to put into office.

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    I disagree with you. I think quite a bit has been made of Obama’s 11 state winning streak. But let me ask this; if he won so very many states, why is he ahead by only a relative handful of delegates? The reason is that Clinton won in the more populous states and the ones that will have more of an impact during the general election.

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    How many states in a TON.? What states are you referring to- the historically Republican electing states that voted Obama in primary with small number of voters from large total available in general election? swing states are critical to win- the loyal Dem states would probably go Dem regardless of candidate, the loyal republican states would continue to vote Republican even if Obama did win 'Primary' , The swing states Hillary won would probably decide general election. The state won be huge margins- give the margin as percentage of total registered voters - people can think for themselves about 10% of total voters selecting Obama in Primary when 60% of total are loyal republicans in the state.

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    People want jobs and to be safe from terrorist attacks they don't care who gets audited by the IRS. Few people have any sympathy for those who get political welfare and tax breaks while most of us are taxed to death in this country. Next year, we should all file a 501 C-4 form and claim we are a political organization which prevents the IRS from auditing us. It would be a perfect way to laundry money.

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    You see we can think for ourselves that is the very reason Obama is slipping in the numbers. It has nothing to do with what CNN says about Clinton. We ourselves are smart enough to think for ourself. Hence we do not need you or CNN telling us who is actually the better candidate.

    And just for the record here, Obama has not won ANY state by a Huge margin

    Maybe it's time for you to look at how close the actual numbers have been

  • Maybe, and I could be completely wrong, I think they're point is, that these are huge must win states for the democrats in the general election. No on is knocking Obama's wins. They are important. And since win does supporting or polling Clinton, equal an inability to think for yourself?

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    I think your climbing up the wrong tree. Remember your talking about (Stupid people,older women working calss white people and hispanics.) where are you in that stupid catagory. And oh by the way its whos got the most D's. Not who one the most states. Figure that one out.(stupid)

  • 10 points is not a "mere" lead

    She has won all the swing states that are absolutely NECESSARY to beat a repub in November.

    An electoral vote map is much different than a delegate vote map. She has the edge in beating McCain, Obama would most likely lose to him

    Source(s): The only stupidity here is in electing someone who is blatantly unqualified and does not possess the capability to run our country. Tell me, what are Barack's proven accomplishments that show he would be better at turning our economically depressed country around? Nothing
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    well obama did win alot of really small states that are unlikely to vote dem in the fall so , , wins in swing states might mean more than wins in very small states

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