Co-sleeping mommies? Do you receive a lot of criticism for co-sleeping?

I co-sleep with my almost 5 month old daughter. All my friends say "put the baby in the crib." I strongly believe in co-sleeping, especially because I work full-time and my daughter reverse-cycle nurses because I am gone all day. I pump while a work so she drinks breastmilk while I am away, and she eats a few times at night. We both sleep better since we co-sleep. I receive a lot of negative comments from friends and relatives and it really bothers me...Have you experienced this? It is more annoying than anything, and I am still going to continue to co-sleep.


Only co-sleeping mommies answer me please...

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    *sigh* I'm sorry the FIRST FRIGGEN PERSON to answer you was of course obviously NOT a co-sleeping parent!

    Anyway, yes I did receive some criticism for co-sleeping, mostly from my grandma. It was nice because I had support from my mom and husband, and I came from a co-sleeping family.

    (Holy cow, and I'm not messed up!! Amazing eh? And I wanted to sleep in my own bed between 2-3 years old! Holy cow, you mean no fighting?? No crying?? No forcing?? lol).

    My daughter is 22 months old now, and co-sleeps. You are doing the right thing momma and stand strong against those very uneducated nay-sayers! If they had ANY idea of what they were depriving their children of, I bet at least some of them might change their minds :) But you'll always have the "convenience" (though there is nothing convenient about it!!) people out there who are too selfish to do what is right for their kids.

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    I think one of the reasons co-sleeping gets a bad rap is that people don't realize it isn't necessarily a long-term family bed. I put my son in the crib for a few hours and then he wakes up about when I go to bed, and he's in the bed with us until morning. I sleep better and he sleeps better and my husband, well he probably sleeps about the same but he's glad that everyone else is better rested. We don't plan on having him there forever, but while he's nursing, it just makes more sense for us. It's a very common thing in other parts of the world. What's interesting is that there's this crazy disconnect. Everyone is encouraged to breastfeed these days, but the things that make it easy are discouraged. (I'm thinking not only of co-sleeping but also that maternity leave in the US is abysmal and breast pumps aren't covered by insurance or an FSA.)

    I don't even respond when people ask how my son sleeps. I say that he sleeps great with a full tummy and with his mommy nearby but avoid getting into a conversation more detailed than that, even though I love knowing that he wants the last thing he sees at night and the first thing he sees in the morning to be my face.

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    I get plenty of eye rolls and comments, nothing nasty but I can always tell people think I'm crazy. The best part is when the same people seem to marvel and ask how I manage with a baby and 2 small children and the extras that I baby sit ever day without being exhausted and I laugh. It's because I co-sleep. When these people ask when my kids started sleeping through the night again I laugh,because I co-sleep they have always slept through the night. I honestly don't know how people who DON"T co-sleep do it...especially if they are working! So maybe we co-sleepers are crazy but we're well rested and crazy! Keep your chin up and ignore the nay sayers, be confident in knowing you are doing what works for you and your baby.

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    Yes, but only from my in-laws & here on YA. I imagine everyone else in our life probably thinks my husband and I are weird for co-sleeping with our son, but they don't say anything about it.

    Try and ignore everyone else. It will be hard, but just keep in mind that they are not raising your child and don't have a say in it. It's not as though you are going to them for advice in co-sleeping and therefore invited their opinion. What they are doing right now is pushing their parenting style onto you, or, at the very least, giving you unwanted advice on how to raise your baby (and don't we all just LOVE that!).

    You can try and be nice and say "thank you for your opinion, but this is how I've chosen to do this", but that doesn't always work. It might come down to telling them to mind their own business if they persist.

    I wish you lots of luck. Dealing with relatives and friends who have differing opinions is not easy.

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    I feel as though it is easier for nursing mothers to co-sleep with their children than non-nursing mothers. It's convenient for one and it allows mom a chance to rest while baby is eating, rather than getting up, turning on lights and all that jazz. I do not co-sleep, and that is because I did not breastfeed any of my children. But I can see the benefits of co-sleeping. One of my main reasons why I didn't co-sleep (besides that I wasn't breastfeeding) is that I slept terribly next to my children. I would always wake up stiff and uncomfortable, I also don't have a large bed. I think it's ridiculous that you would lable this question a "co-sleeper only" question, as most of the rest of us "non co-sleepers" out there are intelligent and respectful people. Whether you are a co-sleeper or not, you are a Mommy. Which means you make the rules, regardless of which category you want to put yourself in.

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    Co-sleeping is something wonderful. Don`t pay attention to those who critiqued you. Believe in your own instincts and give all the love you have to your baby. Co-sleeping is a way of sharing with your child. Studies specially in Europe show that the baby sleeps better, breast feeding is easier, breathing of the baby is better and sudden infant death is lower. Be brave and do what you feel is OK. There is not price for the strong feelings you are making with your child! this is between you and your daughter and daddy can share too with both of you!. And if someone tells you it can be dangerous I tell you that only is dangerous if the co-sleeping parents are very obese, take illegal drugs or sleeping medication or are alcoholic.

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    My daughter is now 7 months, and as a single mom I whole heartedly enjoy co sleeping. I get lots of critism, especially from parents, aunts, uncles etc. Im always told she will never sleep in her own bed, Ill be sorry etc etc. but in my mind we both enjoy this very very much and shes only going to be this age once. If it makes you both happy, go for it

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    i co slept with both of my children. my husband was gone in navy when we had my son for 1st 16mos.( 4 now) he slept with me for a long time. i nursed and it was easier on both of us. My dtr i have been able to put her in her crib since she was about 10 1/2 mos. i nursed and had same issue with reverse feedings- definitley nursed at night. i stopped nursing at 10mos and she started sleeping all night i was able to get her to sleep more in her crib this past month( she will be 1 next wk!!)

    Do not feel bad, and just don't let it last too long. my son still trys to sneak in the bed. You are being a great mom and getting more sleep as well as the baby!!! You only know whats best for your child!!!!

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    well first of all dont ever let anyone tell you how to or what "you" should do in raising your child unless its your

    she will sleep better and you will tell while nursing now when nursing is weaned completey then you can put her in a crib or her bed depending on her age,

    my daughter is 5 I nursed for several years and we arent nursing anymore but we are still co sleeping and it works great for us , even though now the transisition at 5 years old is hard to get her in a bed byherself I am glad I co sleeped with her from day one, do what you want just tell them first your sleeping arrangements are yours and not theirs, also just try not to bring it up so there arent any conversations about it anyway.

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    No one has a right to judge your parenting style. Co-sleeping is safe if done properly. My daughter will be 5 months on Saturday and we cosleep. I don't need to justify my reason to anyone. Co-sleeping works for MY family. That is what matters. Co-sleeping doesn't have a single negative effect on your ability to get your child in a toddler bed someday.

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