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Can taller tires increase highway fuel mileage?

I bought a saturn sc2 for my 100 mile round trip comute to work. Paid only a grand and its probably saved me at least 2g's in gas by now. It gets around 31 mpg highway. The only thing is the overdrive is geared way to low.(manual trans btw) I guess they thought if they put in the correct gear people would get way to great of gas mileage. The car turns 5 grand more rpms than is necesary. Anyway I was wondering if I should by taller tires when I need them. Seems like this would improve the gas mileage. Do you think this would even make a difference?


BTW, My comute is 90% highway.

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    They sure can. Running a taller tire is the same idea as changing out the axle ratio to produce a greater overdrive. Don't expect a huge difference in economy because a tire size is not a drastic change like an axle ratio change. Also try running a narrower tire, less friction. It can have a negative effect for driving in town so take note of it.

    Keep in mind that the larger tire will throw your speedometer off slightly but not enough to make a huge difference, BUT, your odometer will be affected as well. SOOOOOO you will show that you went a slightly shorter distance than you actually drove so when your doing the math to figure out you mpg, it will be slightly lower than what your actually getting!

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    I think they will help if you do highway driving speeds. The mileage sounds terrible though. My wife's 2000 sl1 gets 37 hwy with the automatic transmission. The high rpms might be adjusted though.

    Thanks for trying to get us out of Iraq. Since we are there to protect the oil flow, it's a great idea to use less, I think.

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    You should over inflate the tires. Most tires have a 48-54psi max, but are usually inflated at 32-36psi. Inflate them to 40-42psi and that should help a little bit, it will make the tires last a bit longer too.

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    The taller tires would raise your final drive gear ratio, but the extra power it takes to turn bigger tires(more unsprung weight) cancels out any potential fuel savings.

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    it would decrease ur gearing, a little, but not worth the cost of the tires, I doubt u would c ne difference in gas milage

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    No, you need to fix the gears.

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