Why people take drugs both?They are tons of different kinds of drugs consumed every year. Why drugs are so n?

Why people take drugs both?

They are tons of different kinds of drugs consumed every year. Why drugs are so necessary?

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    Drugs as in medications is of course needed to help people with medical conditions. People take the medical drugs to be able to live better lives or survive instead of dying.

    Then there are those that use medical drugs even though they don't need them because they think it will make them feel better. This is those that take penicillin even though they have a virus and penicillin doesn't cure viruses, or are taking medications against allergies even though they don't have allergies. This group also contains those that has become addicted to painkillers. They often start out being in pain and needing the painkillers and then they become addicted and starts lying about being in pain to get more painkillers.

    That brings us to illegal drugs ... a lot of the illegal drug users out there are people that "self medicate". Something is wrong with them and they try to fix it with illegal drugs. It could be people with mental problems, people that has become addicted to pain killers or people with emotional problems that becomes addicted to the illegal drugs because they feel that it's helping them in some way.

    Then ... there is stupidity. People that thinks that illegal drugs are cool and OK, and start using them for fun.


    Why drugs are so necessary?

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    Because they help people with medical problems. The drugs help people and save their lives and makes their lives easier to live. But, they are also misused and that's not necessary.

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    Maybe D.A.R.E. says people take drugs because they think they're cool, but all the people I met that do drugs do them because they enjoy them. Some drugs like niccotine and opium can get addictive, in which case people do them because they feel awful if they don't. Other drugs like marijuana and psychedelics, though, are usually used for enjoyment or the desire for an altered perception. I mean, you have to admit, would going out to a bar be as fun if you weren't drinking (alcohol is also a drug, by the way)? Maybe for some people it doesn't matter, but the majority of people drink when they go to a bar or club. It's recreational... life isn't all about working and being productive. That's why we're called human-beings and not human-doings.

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    I believe that psychoactive drugs do have a place in society. I think it is not drugs that are bad but the irresponsible use of them that is bad i think that people should have the right to use psychoactive chemicals if they please but should educate themselves about all the possible negative effects and make an informed decision about whether or not they wish to use the substance .I think the words of the creators of erowid put it best in their vision.

    "We imagine a world where people treat psychoactives with respect and awareness; where people work together to collect and share knowledge in ways that strengthen their understanding of themselves and provide insight into the complex choices faced by individuals and societies alike. We believe that truth, accuracy, and integrity in publishing information about psychoactives will lead to healthier and more balanced choices, behaviors, and policies around all psychoactive medications, entheogens, herbs, and recreational drugs. Erowid's vision is to facilitate and create resources that are part of the evolution towards this goal."-Erowid

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