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Do you live in BOISE IDAHO???

i'm moving over there soon and i want to know. are there any goths over there?

how about Gothic Clubs??

I'm gothic and i want to see if there are any goths overe there?

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    I have lived here my entire life and there are plenty of Goths. There are lots of good clubs, I don't know if any are really goth clubs though. Get into the crowd and you will find the places you want to be because there out there. Got to and the is lots of good information about boise and if you go the the entertainment link you can find a list and descriptions of lots of the clubs here in Boise. Good luck on your move!

    Source(s): I live here!
  • 7 years ago

    Mainly hicks and rednecks but we've got your goths and vampires too ^_^

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    I used to live there, and yes there are goths there.

    I don't know about gothic clubs but I am sure you would be able to find something like that

  • no i don't live in boise and I am not goth. Try watching Buffy the Vampire for more information.

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    redneck/ hillbilly country. not that its a bad thing. im a redneck myself. but i dont think they will take too kindly to goths over there!

    become a boise state broncos football fan and you will be ok.

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