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What's your favorite book-to-film adaptation?

Graphic novels/comic books included...

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    Blade Runner. Hands down. I was going to say "Apocalypse Now" (which was adapted from Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"), but then I remembered the sheer awe that this adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" inspired in me when I first saw it on the big screen. Many elements of the book have completely vanished in this movie- in fact MOST of them are gone- but the moral of the book, the soul of this story, rings like a pure bell in a still winter night.

    I've never seen an adaptation that takes so few elements of the original story and still remains so true to the artists vision. In fact, it explores dimensions that were only marginally hinted at in the book and exposes them to the audience. It inspired me to re-read the book immediately after watching it.

    What's more this movie was the first true science fiction film noir. That had never been done before. In fact, I remember having long arguments with my film teacher over this movie BEING film noir. Her only argument: it COULDN'T be because it was science fiction. In other words, this film was the first of it's kind. It defied standard classification.

    There have been other great adaptations of written works. In recent years I loved "V for Vendetta", "Thank You For Smoking" and "The Road to Perdition". Yet this stands alone as a monument to both the original book and film-making in general.

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    For sure the LOTR series. I mean, sure, some things were vastly changed, but the cinematography was gorgeous and for the most part it was true to the books, if not the spirit of them. To a lesser degree, Harry Potter. Some of the movies were great, some were so-so. Also: The Last Unicorn. *Loved* that as a kid. Beautiful animation, kept pretty much to the book. The Hobbit (cartoon), loved it as a kid, and while it was a bit different than the book, it got me interested in reading. :) Excalibur, loved it as a kid watching it with my Dad, seemed to me that it tried to be true to the myths (even though some things were changed) but was also kind of gritty/real. Pooh, I just realized that all my favorite books are fantasy and they're either too prohibitive to make a faithful adaptation, or they did and it totally sucked. (LOTR being the exception) :( Also, my pet peeve has been with the movie adaptations of the Marvel franchise. Iron Man and Spider-Man movies being the exception, I have to say the X-Men movies totally sucked!! They totally ignored or mish-mashed stories and characters, or made them stupid. Gah! So frustrating! Err.. and I guess for non-fantasy books adapted into movies: Henry V (with Kenneth Brannaugh), Othello (with Lawrence Fishburne), and The DaVinci Code. (can't think of anymore right now)

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    Definitely Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now". What a fantastic adaptation of the Joseph Conrad book "Heart of Darkness".

    To turn a story about the ivory trade in the Congo circa 1890, into a movie about the Vietnam War was brilliant.

  • I normally hate film adaptations of books, but the movie Little Children did a wonderful job of depicting the work by Tom Perotta. There were a few things that bothered me, but overall it was fantastic.

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    My Favorite is either The Green Mile or Charlie and the Chocolate factory

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    The BBC miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. That was so true to the book and I never get tired of watching it.

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    well, as for books definitelly Atonement

    nicely directed and great performances

    but Xmen was also a really cool graphic novel adaptation


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    Definitely have to go with The Notebook!! Best story ever...

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    Gone with the Wind, classic and unforgettable!

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