days of our lives?

I am at work and dont have access to most of the web and im bored. Can somewhere go over to dustins days page and then go to barbs salem spectator and get the early addiction show for friday and paste it here so I can read it. easy 10 points


thanks i wil give you the 10 as soon as it lets me

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    Days of Our Lives

    Friday, May 2nd, 2008

    Episode #10,818 Taped 4/4 Director – Noel Maxam

    Hearth & Home is about to shoot the commercial, starring our Martha Stewart wanna be, Kate Roberts, who is going over her lines while someone is doing her hair. Tony comes in, introduces himself to Barney, the director, thanks him for doing this on such short notice. Barney learns an actor is unable to show up, and in the background, in walks Anna. Kate is not too happy to see her, but Tony invited her. Everyone is busy, Anna picks up a script, reads a couple lines, Barney overhears, and Voila, before you can blink your eyes, Anna is in the script playing Ethel to Kate’s Lucy. LOL. Sorry, that just came to mind, as Anna munches on the wonderful cookies that Kate baked in her Hearth & Home Bake set (go ahead, laugh, I did) with self-storage container to keep them fresh. Everything is going well til Anna makes a crack about husbands, supposedly ruining the commercial, Kate gets mad and stalks off, Tony consoles Anna, who knows he put his contract on the line by having her there. Tony shrugs, if he loses the account, there are others, but only one Anna. Kiss, kiss….and he invites her to dinner at Chez Rouge.

    Now let’s cut over to an alley, where a very beat up Earl is pleading for his life. Seems the don, Martino Vitali, is unhappy that Earl gave out the location of his compound. Earl insists the cops forced him, talks of having a family. Martino says he does believe in 2nd chances…..and we just hear a shot. He then gets a phone call, tells his two goons to take care of things there, and takes off.

    At the hospital, Steve, Kayla, Lexie & Abe are all in Ava’s room. Kayla is telling her that her pills were analyzed, were not not helping her, but making her worse, Ava doesn’t believe it. She wants her pills, wants her doctor, Neusbaum, starts screaming again. Kayla tells her she is her doctor now, and she only wants Ava to get better. Lexie says she is detoxing, Ava is screaming, Lexie sends everyone out so the nurse can give Ava a shot to calm her down. Out in the hall, Lexie asks Kayla if she has told Steve yet, no. Steve overhears, wants to know what is going on, Kayla tells him of her attempt to kill herself shortly after Steve left her. Steve wants to go back in the room, asking Kayla to go with him. Abe gets a call and has to leave. He talks to Ava, who has calmed down quite a bit. (gotta say, Tamara Braun just does a fabulous job as Ava). Kayla asks if Ava knows of any reason why her doctor or anyone would not want her to get better. Ava says there is something that happened, right after Steve left, and she cannot remember it, as hard as she tried, but she & Dr. Neusbaum were working on it.

    Kate comes along (why she is in the alley is beyond me) to find the police cordoning off a crime scene, she spots Earl’s dead body. They get her name and she gives them her cell phone number, saying she was just coming for some food, lunch for Chelsea. (Boy, for it being lunch time, sure is dark and a bit foggy, to boot. Lol) Abe has arrived, calling it a professional hit. (Earl was Bo’s snitch). Now Kate’s cell rings, she answers, and it is her old friend, Martino Vitali, who just got in town and wanted to look her up. (amazing that he had her cell phone number, wow!). Kate tells him she is no longer in THAT line of work, has not been for years, is on the up and up. Too bad, but he is glad for her, so how about just some dinner and drinks. Sounds good, he will pick her up later. No, she will meet him. O.k. he will call her telling her time and place.

    At the DiMera mansion, Marlena comes in asking John…..but cannot get it out before he says Pasta or sushi? Seems he is adding to his business interests, either Japan or Italy. She remembers they married in Italy, so Pasta it is. Now she asks about using his computer, hers keeps freezing up, sure but he gets payment, and pulls her into a kiss, just as Sami & EJ walk in. John calls her Doc, Sami gets excited, exclaiming old John is back. Rolf drops the entire tray of cups and plates. Marlena goes to help him clean it up, John stops her, saying it is Rolf’s job, he will do it. Rolf says the chair will have to be cleaned, John says throw it out, EJ protests it is an antique, John o.k.’s getting it cleaned, then talks about wanted to change this mausoleum. Rolf protests that this is how Stefano liked it. Marlena says Stef is in a coma, John claims the house is his, he got Rolf out of jail, and if he wants Rolf to cook, he cooks, if he wants him to redecorate, he redecorates, if he wants him to plumb, he plumbs. LOL. And the first thing he wants done is to get rid of this picture of Stefano. Rolf practically goes white, talks of getting a bundt cake from the oven, but John will have none of that. NOW. Rolf thinks it is disrespectful to Stefano. O.K. John will do it himself, tries to lift the picture off the wall, and sees it is hinged. Swings open, and finds THE SAFE. Rolf claims to have had no knowledge, as does EJ, and so our John gets Marlena’s stethoscope, and proceeds to find the “pulse” of the safe. Not long before he opens it. Awww, nothing but some real estate documents, he will look them over later. But what have we here, a CD. Hmmm, he puts it in his pocket.

    Now he asks Sami & EJ what they wanted when they came in. Just a favor. John remarks he has given them his roof, they have eaten all his corn chips, now what. Testify at the immigration hearing. Doesn’t bother John to lie a bit, the sooner they will be in their own digs. Marlena is another story, she will not lie. Sami tells her mom that with Lucas gone for so long, and EJ having been a good father, she does not want to make the same mistake she did before and try and keep her child from it’s father. Sami doesn’t want her mom to lie, just what she knows about them acting more or less like a normal couple. (EJ washed her car, she took his stuff to dry cleaners, yada, yada. LOL). Marlena agrees, all leave….and Rolf worries that if John learns what is on that disk, Rolf’s goose is cooked.

    Back at the hospital, Ava calls Steve over, talking quietly, wanting Steve to help her get out of there. Get rid of the guard, undo her wrist restraints, and she will do the rest. Steve refuses, Ava becomes more and more agitated again, Kayla comes in, along with Lexie. And we hear a male voice saying, what is going on here. Steve turns, remarks “well, look who has turned up”. Ava says - you came. The man replies he came as soon as he could, walks over to the side of the bed, Kayla says, excuse me, who are you? He replies, I am Martino Vitali, Ava’s father, as he bends down, kissing Ava on her forehead. The camera is on a frightened looking Ava.


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