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How long does it usually take a UPS guy to drop off a package?

ok so I am spying on one of my neighbors, and everyday he has the ups guy come over...everyday said ups guy is wearing those cute little shorts (he has really nice legs and shaves them). He goes into the guys house with boxes stays for 30 to 45 minutes then leaves

what kind of packaging are they doing for that long?

should I break out the binoculars or the super microphone?

I am nosy deal with it

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    C'mon, just cause it takes a deliveryman 30-45 minutes to drop off a package doesn't mean he is performing sexual favors for a customer. He could be....he could be doing a lot of other things. He could be just really helpful and is providing the best customer service possible. .....You know what, nevermind, the dudes are getting it on.

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    Got me good with this one you..

    Umm..30 - 45 minutes is not a drop off. Or perhaps the package requires 'assembly.' Use both binoculars and microphone, try setting up a video cam too.

    Hey, I'm with THAT!


  • I would bust out the bionoculars AND the super microphone! That is very interesting indeed!

    "I am nosy deal with it" sounds like you are trying to pick a fight.

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    They're packing fudge creations.

    For Christmas of course.

    Bar Mitzvahs too...

    Just the nature of the biz.

    Source(s): It's what Brown can do for you.
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    Get a camcorder with a high optical zoom, that way you can see whether or not bugging the place for sound is worth the effort.

  • It depends on if the UPS guy is dropping off or picking up.

    I would break out the whole Dick Tracy kit.

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    That is very weird. You might be onto something, but have you ever seen the movie Disturbia? LOL Keep me updated on this packing situation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Fudge packing

    Source(s): Screw the binoculars, use the telescope instead
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    I'm pissed!!! come I never see any female UPS drivers???....doesn't UPS realize how much business they would have if I had a female come to my door and bend over to drop off boxes every day?...

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    Did you say UFPS ? (United Fudge Packing Service)

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